Hey Steve: Waiting Until Marriage Is It Weird?: You can't keep eating 2 months ago   03:11

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She’s saving herself for marriage, but thinks she may be hurting her chances by bringing it up right away.

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Favour Asiloye
Am glad to watch this episode🙋🏽 this is just me😔 no sex before marriage
I respect her decision but I think it's a bad idea to wait because sex is very important in a healthy relationship . What if you wait and then get married to someone who can't even get it up or is horrible in bed . I could never . To each his own though lol ❤😂❤
Lexie02 Jones
Steve Harvey!! You preach!!🙌🙌
Chinaka Innocent Mokwugwo
Steave? I wish she will meet up with me!
Jesus Is Lord
30 and still a virgin. Definitely going to wait for the right lady.
Anatascia Mohlomi
The comments alone just revives me
Ethan Booysen
I am 17 and I completely agree with waiting till marriage think that it's incredibly beautiful and amazing that there are people who still do that in today's society with all the moral decay happening and pressures from outside to "fit in." Stay strong fellow believers.
R E S P E C T.
Eamon Shields
Awesome God Bless
Laura de Reyes
Good girl! I waited, husband waited and it was soooooo worth it ❤️
Live life To the fullest
A woman needs to ask herself...... why am I waiting for marriage to have sex. Do you women (I’m a woman) realize marriage is a business contract?!! If your marriage doesn’t work out because you based your morality on an institution!! You wasted your time! You can sleep with a man who respects you 💯 and ends up marrying you any god dam way!
I’d rather date someone who’s waiting themselves because a true Christian man wouldn’t question me wanting to wait, he would EXPECT it.
Grace Diaz
As much as I agree with waiting, I disagree with shaming women who don’t. It’s all our own decision.
Fenise Dossou
I'm so happy that I'm not alone in that path🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💯❤❤❤, I will continuing on waiting. God will send me the one soon🙏🏾
Yep dont worry be happy. She is looking for mister right in the wromg places get together with like mimded people and you will ne fine.
Tell em Steve!
I have mad respect for Steve Harvey. This was really reassuring
Kicking it with Kim Brooks
41 y/o v here waiting until marriage. Initially decided to wait as a promise to God made at 20 y/o, now I’m waiting not only to continue to keep the promise, but I also realize the empowerment and drama-free living that comes with waiting, and it also allows me to weed out the wrong ones, while waiting on the right one. Though I never dreamed I’d be waiting this long, I do believe the wait will be worth it, and am currently enjoying living out my dreams and encouraging other women in the process #waitingandhappy 😊
Roberto Amati
Somebody please tell me her full name
mary feleke
If the reason your waiting is for the Lord then don’t date, court & if your looking for a man who you know is going to last then find someone in the church. Wouldn’t it being amazing if you & your husband both waited for God & if your husband could hold you accountable with your walk with the Lord. Never lower your standards because one day your going to wake up & realize that you settled.
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Is It Weird?: You can't keep eating Hey Steve: Waiting Until Marriage 2 months ago   06:34

Steve Harvey and Dr. Phil try to give some common-sense help to a woman with a very weird favorite snack.

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