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Reauna Sims
0:02 Am I the only one that screamed when Bey said simba??? lol YASSSS QUEEN
Xi Xu
I'm not really sure why this is posted on a racist's channel.
Alayjia Stone
Anonimo Mato
Ola Beyoncé pode me mandar um oi sou sua fã antes de morrer gostaria de conhece la
Ryan Stokes
Her voice is too airy.
Lilian Teodoro
My Loveeeeee!!! 😍😍
Brian Ross
Don't wish your life away
Bruno Almeida
Que massa
Sim Mack
Beyonce is a witch
Sarah Muses
You re a Queen Beyoncé...🥰🥰
Stoopio's Productions
Yeah, come home *Disney*, Come home back to making actual films that people love, that aren't just cash grabs that are being milked for money, because they know they can grab tickets from people who loved the originals.
Aleena Bacchus
Omg Beyonce's voice is sooooooo calming
Gavin Jones
Beyonce is perfect for this part 😰 can't wait for the sound track
Thabo Qwabe
Simba means "Poop" in Zulu btw
Shadow Number1010110
Like it how everybody's hyped because of Beyonce when Seth Rogen is pumba
Devon Ferguson
Greg Spellman
Ahhhhhh when u say sim u sound so beautiful saying it can not wait 2 c da movie love u my queen b u slay dat when u say simba u will have 2 take ure place aahhhhhhh love it n I can not wait 2 c u act like u did with dat movie on lifetime u got it n u u all ready got me n my friend s award 👑😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
Olivia's Catastrophe
It just hit me that it's not going to be a remake of the cartoon I know but with different voices.

it's actually LIVE ACTION how did I let my brain forget this ;.;
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Inside The Crazy Rich World #TheLionKing "Come Home" 1 day ago   12:12

The Real Story About Isha Ambani's Beautiful Wedding And Who Showed Up
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If you’re a fan of lavish weddings, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about the upcoming marriage of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal. Although this lavish event will be attended by celebs such as Beyoncé, it’s not the most interesting part of Isha’s life. We’ll talk about how her famously rich father, Mukesh Ambani, built up Reliance Group, and how the rest of her family has influenced her decisions. From business school to a debutante ball, Isha’s life hasn’t been short on challenges, or glamorous events! Long before her engagement, Isha attended Yale University, and brought all sorts of new ideas to her family business. We’ll take you inside the amazing world of Isha Ambani, and let you know why she’s much more than simply a billionaire heiress.

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