UK economy slumps in weakest growth The Working Poor: Britain's families 2 days ago   02:41

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The British economy grew at its slowest pace for more than five years in the first quarter of 2018, as it was hit by a significant drop in construction work and sluggish manufacturing activity.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 0.1% in its initial estimate for January to March.

It was the weakest quarterly growth since the fourth quarter of 2012 and worse than experts had predicted.

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The Working Poor: Britain's families UK economy slumps in weakest growth 2 days ago   14:50

Work is the best route out of poverty - it's a slogan popular with politicians both left and right for the past two decades. But as the country surges towards record numbers of people in work - the number of those in work and in poverty too is also rising.

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According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, 57 per cent of people in poverty live in households where at least one person has a job - up more than twenty per cent since 1995.