8 Bit Pwny Club | Top 5 Toilets Bob Toon : Hats 2 days ago   03:00

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8 Bit Pwny Club - A look at the top 5 toilets in computer games.
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Minty Meeo
Do you know how long I've faintly remembered watching a video with a space invader shitting into a tube and having said shit stutter through it?
Evidently, I've been faintly remembering this video since at least 2009.
Angel Samael
Oh the sweet days before they decided to put toilets in a Metroid game and it ended up being one of the best parts of that game.
I am a Unicorn
I have watched this too many times and I still don't know what Spader said before Cookie came in on the pony. What has plastic in front of it?
Ty Campbell
Too bad Fallout 4 is missing toilet straws.
That theme song is sung to the same beat as Uptown Funk You Up.
0:18 This raw black with a strippecrih plastic infrontivinting ma'ahteh
Rigo Iñiguez
I'm the 666th comment
Wendy Corduroy
cookies looks like pinkiemus prime
We need more of these!
Emily Xd
its ponies!
Beef Chavez
What, no Goldeneye "Facility"? Huge oversight! What other game let's you hid proximity mines in the urinal?
cookie looks like samus
Kacie Woolridge
So did a lot of girls that grew up in the 80s =p
I have foreseen the end.
This must be what hell is like.
Holy-Terrorist:>*=* Cool, i had a 1 ecstasy history!
I speak french and some english.
Tom Baggott
More 8 bit pwny club plz
Aggressive Zone
I love 8 Bit pwny club xD
I think he's from the series Dizzy, or something
The Toilet in HetaOni! You can buy Riceballs and Beer from it!
And Dead Rising 2? The toilets allow you to save!
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Bob Toon : Hats 8 Bit Pwny Club | Top 5 Toilets 2 days ago   01:23

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