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Unlooped original version due to requests.

Original Animation by Minus8

Original Song by LilDeuceDeuce -

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0:03 Wolf and Sheep - Sheep Wrecked(1958)
0:38 Shaun - Shaun the Sheep(1995)
0:42 Chop Chop Master Onion and Lammy - PaRappa the Rapper(1996)
0:46 Bellweather - Zootopia(2016) crossed with Catherine - Basic Instinct(1992)
0:50 Souffle - Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger(1995)
0:53 The Little Prince - The Little Prince(1943)
0:57 Lammy and Mr Pickles - Happy Tree Friends(1999)
1:01 Judas and Jesus - Judas and Jesus(2009)
1:05 My Sweet Piano and My Melody - Onegai My Melody(2005)
1:36 Cow and Chicken - Cow and Chicken(1997)
1:39 Shizuku Oikawa - THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls(2011) and The Prince - Katamari Demacy(2004)
1:43 cows & cows & cows - cyriak(2010)
1:47 Shima and Melissa - Planet Dolan(2014)
1:51 Mareep and Cottonee - Pokemon(1996)
1:54 Vincent, Catherine and Katherine - Catherine(2011)
1:59 Clarice and Hannibal - Silence of the Lambs(1991)
2:02 Scorci and Minus8's OC's
NLAN-productions. X.
You made his into hell.
nirvana e legal
1:26 my Dick is hard
Shadow Reaper
somehow this is on pornhub.
Gacha_Plushies :3
1:31 uuummmm.........
Hakka futer
Is this porno for muslims?
daniel skovbjerg
aah, the return of the why boner

Marcus Mycroft
Just, why
The only part I knew was Shaun the sheep, and the only thing I knew
And how does taking off wool from a rear make you have human legs and then people around get some human legs too
Loli Gene
I'm suprised that this video do not have age restricted w all of this *_Mature_* Content
Smokez Gaming
Ik shit its alot of furries gamers Attack
S ex A nal N azis S ex
Slap slap ım a sex toy
Emilio John
Planet Dolan
Emilio John
I got turned on
Эвелина Мухаметова
кто русский
Lord Scrapper
So my friends from time to time sing that song and I’ve seen thumbnails of it but never watched it
I will not sing the song but I will do what countless others do
Pretend you don’t watch porn
Radvin gaming2742
Is this censored????
Funtime Edgebirb the 39 fangirl
So i sent this on my discord and my friend was like "you want that to be 39 7w7" (read my username) and i was like: Why-
Monismek woe
rip shima
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