Lion VS Monkey Lions vs Spitting Cobra - BBC wildlife 1 day ago   04:57

Mohamed Shabaka
A Lion Kills A Monkey Then Takes Care Of Her Baby , Not Hurting The Young One .Weird But Merciful.

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Ryan R
I'm sorry my friend, but I couldn't understand your response... but thank you for trying to speak English.

All religion is bullshit... All religions are giant lies. Just be a good person to other people, and hope to die at an old age. Enjoy life! Don't spend your life following bullshit laws made by "God". Your God does not exist.
Ryan R
Btw.... Muhammad the pig killed hundreds of people. Many innocents including HARMLESS old men as they SLEPT.
Ryan R
Seraph Mowlid
LOL LOL that ignorant :) That's a leopard. Notice the spotted coat which lions do not possess. Cheers.
Ryan R
That's not a lion, and Muslims are going to hell.
Farooq khan
The leopard is confused,she do not know what to do with it.
But in the end she will eat it.A lioness did the same thing with
a baby fawn!
mo2kill....In first place it's not Lion, please get that right in the first place.
Ivan Cervantes
Jason Dietz
interesting video, although last time i checked, lions didnt have spotted coats. small detail though! =)
@gigileungty96 In India, it's all but illegal to eat beef.
Someone should tell that "lion" that she forgot to trade in her cub spots for a tawny coat and a dark tail tuft.
mohammad basir
ALLAHUAKHBAR!!!!!!!...we are not interupting or assault ur religion..we are not talking about ur Jesus or whatever...please dotn disturb muslim fuckarab48...please be careful with ur idiot words....u and ur Jesus are stupid!!!
This is a good video if you look past all the religion that's been thrown on it.

The leopard was confused, guys. Why else would it kill the mother? It would be more efficient to eat the offspring along with the parent, as the baby will probably die slowly from starvation because the leopard cannot provide appropriate sustinence.
Fernando Castilhos
Beautifull video!
I don't know WTF people are talking about religion here...
Basque JRED
first of all, this is a leopard, not a lion.
2nd.. any and every religion is a mockery to the human race.
when we were kids we would believe in Santa, because we couldn't explain how the presents got under the tree, with some help from parents. Believing in religion is like people still believing in Santa even after they learn how the presents get there.Islam is the worst of all these religions.
notice how the more theocratic a country.. the more poor, violent, and barbaric that country is?
No, Islam means surrendering to your God. Submission to Allah.
i love your hairy women, the way they smell like pig shit and never shve thier pits or snatches.
who told you that i've never told them about our relegion??? it's like you are talking to stones so i'll not take all my time for this video and explain to them... i just want to know why "everythingells" is talkin bad bout ALLAH "soubhanhou wa tahala" this video is about animals and i just want to kow why all this people are talkin shit about islam if they don't like it they should SHOW SOME RESPECT to it ...
zubair ghani
No weed its not a gud reply. They talking shit becoz they dont know nothing abt ALLAH. Beczo we r performing our duty. Have u and me ever told them abt our religion and ALLAH. NO ... And the day of judgement we will be accountable for that.
zubair ghani
My dear, terrorist doesnt have any religion. No religion allow to kill any human being. And dont look at muslims, read their religion Islam. What Islam say. Islam meaning is PEACE.
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Lions vs Spitting Cobra - BBC wildlife Lion VS Monkey 1 day ago   02:48

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