MPs call on Bercow to discipline Corbyn So funktioniert das Unterhaus: Die Bude des Brexit-Bebens 5 months ago   11:26

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Today marks only a hundred days to go before Britain finally pulls the trigger and exits the European Union.

Prime Minister Theresa May takes questions in parliament.

0930GMT - Exiting the European Union Committee
1200GMT - Prime Minister's Questions begins

EU migrants WON’T get priority access to Britain after Brexit, Sajid Javid finally confirms:

Theresa May and Philip Hammond’s feud plunges post-Brexit immigration planning into chaos:

Brexiteer Penny Mordaunt demands Theresa May ask EU for transition period to allow No Deal Brexit without destabilising economy:

Theresa May ditches election promises on social care and education to fund preparations for No Deal Brexit:

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elizabeth taylor
I never thought I would Agree with anything Corbyn said .
I wonder why people have no respect for politicians and regard the whole institution of politics as a joke. I just can't figure it out.
Random voice: "Ahhhh!"

Bercow: "No no, no, no, no no..."

Random voice: "Yes!"
Nigel S
He bottled it : Pratt
Atham Soofi
Is this british parliment?
Very funny...
Be Success Think reality
Mr. Speakers speeech was honest
Peter Green
Corbyn said no such thing and well they know it. I'm glad the speaker took heed and acted accordingly. How MPs sitting 40/50 feet from him could say without doubt what they claim to have saw him say is beyond belief. Lip reading "experts" could not agree on it and funnily enough the story died a very quick death.
Jenny Brock
No wonder anything important takes ages to be done...

"What I reiterate - what I reiterate... what I reiterate - WHAT I REITERATE"
Oh the irony
all this from the man who takes parliamentarian 'convention' and wipes his own arse with it?
Happy Kraft
Tom Bradster
Says 'order' 1500 times... Goes home in the evening and shouts shut up 1500 times and then cries himself to sleep. xD
I thought my computer broke but I realised he was just saying
if the right honorable lady … if the right hononrable lady … if the right honorable lady ….
Cherry Hodgson
They need to install Hawk eye there.
Thanh Qúy
What are they talking about?
More order here than Just Eat!
Desmond Scicluna
I've seen the footage. Clearly says stupid woman. To deny it makes him not just an odious little man but what communists are known for abject liers!
Michael Leung
Parliamentary time well spent...
Mbegabulawe Mbia
If he becomes the Prime Minister it will be interesting to listen to him on a not so intense meeting.
Brendan Gavaghan
Teresa May is a stupid woman, what's wrong with such a widely held observation? Well, no one AT ALL has asserted in any way, that she is either smart or not a woman

so what IS the problem? a man saying the word woman without going to his knees to beg permission? fk off!
sneltoch heheheh
Bercow is a leftist jerk. Now he is doing TV shows in Holland and wherever people want to hear his funny pronounciation of the word "Order".
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So funktioniert das Unterhaus: Die Bude des Brexit-Bebens MPs call on Bercow to discipline Corbyn 5 months ago   02:50

Es ist eng, dramatisch, es wird geschrien und gejohlt: Debatten im britischen Unterhaus sind großes Polit-Theater. Aber wie funktioniert das genau - und warum stehen ständig alle auf? Die Regeln im Video.