MPs call on Bercow to discipline Corbyn So funktioniert das Unterhaus: Die Bude des Brexit-Bebens 2 days ago   11:26

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Today marks only a hundred days to go before Britain finally pulls the trigger and exits the European Union.

Prime Minister Theresa May takes questions in parliament.

0930GMT - Exiting the European Union Committee
1200GMT - Prime Minister's Questions begins

EU migrants WON’T get priority access to Britain after Brexit, Sajid Javid finally confirms:

Theresa May and Philip Hammond’s feud plunges post-Brexit immigration planning into chaos:

Brexiteer Penny Mordaunt demands Theresa May ask EU for transition period to allow No Deal Brexit without destabilising economy:

Theresa May ditches election promises on social care and education to fund preparations for No Deal Brexit:

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Abdifitah E Osman
Order order from outside the chamber 😂😂😂
Niska Magnusson
"shall we sort brexit?" "naaah we'll score points instead"
Noah Schmartz
Monty Python would have a job to top this.
Sebastian Schwidrowski
Bercow looks like a teacher of a class full of arguing kindergardners fighting over who stole someone's lunch tray or something. What a joke.
Chris S
Fk me, no wonder we are so screwed up
Ras Putin
Now I miss Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.
Matty L
Kim Fuck U
This is a new season of spitting image? What a circus!
no el
Lol where is this evidence they are speaking about
Hallvard Sindre
Right, so thats where the Uk's money is spent.
Wonder if he shouts “Orda” when he’s banging his wife 😂

Also, I'm not sure whether the US or UK government is worse at actually governing. Is having a "United" in the name some sort of trigger? Arabic Emirates, you better watch out. ...oh wait, you don't even have democracy in the first place.
Chris Keller
"it's order... I'm order... I order... and I'm order... immediately order..."
Almost Famous
Wtf why are these grown people so outraged about someone saying "stupid women" like are they 3 years old?
Robert Lewis
Set of complete muppets
Is that woman really trying to argue that Bercow is being sexist?
Brexit seems to be a minor problem, when you hear this. Over and over.
Maria Esther Rivas
Order goddammittt
Teron James
*not so*Lucky Ace
The only thing good about brexit is: Memes legal again

But it might be a Dead by Daylight situation 48hours after BreXit
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So funktioniert das Unterhaus: Die Bude des Brexit-Bebens MPs call on Bercow to discipline Corbyn 2 days ago   02:50

Es ist eng, dramatisch, es wird geschrien und gejohlt: Debatten im britischen Unterhaus sind großes Polit-Theater. Aber wie funktioniert das genau - und warum stehen ständig alle auf? Die Regeln im Video.