Majesty and Journey Horn Battle Disney’s Wonder & Dream Horn 5 months ago   00:46

Cruise ship horn banter as Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas and Azamara Journey depart Key West Florida just minutes apart on November 21, 2018. Horn blowing back and forth. Ship horn battle. Copyright 2018.
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They really need to get Majesty's horn fixed...
Andrew Silva
the one that will always be the best is the one when the play the theme song from the Love Boat when they play it on the princess Cruise Lines.......even though they do sometime go off key a little...LOL
Yay! Finally a horn battle on key west and I missed it aha shocking
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Disney’s Wonder & Dream Horn Majesty and Journey Horn Battle 5 months ago   06:45

Docked side by side Nassau Bahamas - Part 17