Vlogging Cameras: DSLR, Point CANON POWERSHOT SX730 HS REVIEW 2 days ago   07:22

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Vlogging camera test. Canon 5D EOS Mark III 16-35mm lens, Canon PowerShot G9X, Sony Xperia Z5C phone. Vietnamese food & Asian gardens. Australia Vlog 59.

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B Adventures, Australian Travel Vlogger.

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Robert Jackson
why did you cover up the Canon logo on the front of the camera?
lose the chewing gum
Frank T
with today's technology,that camera will be obsolete in 2 yrs. hi Brandon, when u gona start yur new season in Phils?
Steven Szabo
To be honest, I didn't think the picture from the 5D was all that great.
The Wander Life
We were in Vietnam not too long ago…have to say the food wasn’t fully to my taste but the Ban Mi’s were excellent. Considering updating our G7X mark ii as well for an SLR but just not sure about the extra size to carry around etc
The Journey
Yes to the Vietnamese food! That camera looks legit how do you like it?
Thomas Paine
My friend all the best for you miss the videos from Makati when you going back God bless you always
Michael Hopper
B. I just re watched your Coron Vlogs from last year after before my trip soon.... I was totally inspired to visit phils after seeing your vlogs last year i have 3 small trips planned this year.... your work has really inspired me to see that part of the world
Tony Phan
That 5D looks so big. Holding that running around is a work out session already I think hahaha. Glad to see your enjoyed Vietnamese food by the way! : )
Glen W
The 5D look blown-out and the colors were flat, are you sure the white balance was sent right, other 5D footage I've seen look much better.
Robert Lloyd
Gum chewing!? Really?!
Some nice shots....but I can see how the 5D could be a real pain after awhile vlogging...especially I think because of wind noise...need external mic set up. Thanks for sharing and take care
Wayne Mathews
Go to vietnam saigon great place
Carrying a full frame dSLR is like carrying a tank compared to a p/s camera. A big no-no is don't carry your dSLR attached to a tripod. Get a quick release adapter. Thanks for sharing. That morsel made me hungry. :D
Maryjean Macabenta
Wow awesome
Joel Fernandez
That big cannon camera is just to heavy and not very convenient to carry around vlogging.
Charles Griffith
Yeah man tht big dirty camera wouldnt b " B Adventures"....😎
J. B. Arches
I prefer compact though I have little knowledge about camera.
Bavinh Pham
I prefer those small compact light weight cameras too!!
I always wondered why so many YouTube content creators need 2 cameras (dslr & compact) to vlog and take photos..?

I think one camera should be enough to do both..what's your opinion?
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CANON POWERSHOT SX730 HS REVIEW Vlogging Cameras: DSLR, Point 2 days ago   05:49

Canon Powershot SX730 HS Review. I had a lot of fun trying out this camera. It was really interesting to put it through its paces and see what it could do.

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