Aurora ThunderJet 500 Slot Car Racing Realistic HO Scale Operating Session 1 day ago   01:13

Jeff Broddle
Sweet slot car in working order. Has six cars, three that work well, and three others that don't.

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Richard Cranium @ Dicks Inn
The good old days. Simpler times. No computers or cell phones. 😁 life was good.
xr kenny
Nice cars,I like that falcon. They all look like they are in excellent condition
Loved the steering wheel controllers
Love your video. Would you be willing to sell it?
Brings back a lot of memories.  My neighbor and I each had a 1963 or 64 4 lane Thunder jet 500 set that we combined to have a large 2 lane race track in my basement.  We kept adding more track until after a while we had to use two terminal tracks  -  each spaced equally apart on the circuit - so we could get an even flow of current over the entire track so that cars wouldn't slow down on the back stretch. We would spend hours fine tuning the cars and racing them.  I liked the original TJ 500 cars and never got into the AFX or magnetraction cars.  With the older cars there was much more finesse n driving them because there were no magnets to hold the car on the track..  My fasted was a Lola GT with racing slicks
D Lr
for sale?
Thank you so much.
My brothers had that track, being 10 years younger I had a crappy (by comparison) tyco
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Realistic HO Scale Operating Session Aurora ThunderJet 500 Slot Car Racing 1 day ago   1:10:32

This is a video I made of where I spend most of my Saturday evenings. My friend Randy, has a huge layout that takes up most of his basement. It is a free-lanced BN and KCS layout. Santa Fe, Conrail and Amtrak also have trackage rights on the layout. He has a fully functional diamond and interlocking junction on the layout. The whole layout operates just like a real railroad. In the video, I show you what goes on during an operating night. They usually go on for about 3-4 hours depending on how late some people stay and there are lots of trains that need to be ran in order for the layout to function. He hasn't started scenery on the layout yet and that probably won't start until the CTC signalling system is completely installed. The whole layout is DCC. I have lots of fun running trains here. I have dispatched the layout a few times and I have been a yard master at Stagger Yard and Cedar Yard a few times but I haven't tried out Brock yet. I think I'll try it out next time I'm there. I think this is my longest video that I have ever posted on YouTube. If you have any questions about the layout please feel free to ask in the comments section. Enjoy the trains!

*Update January 2015* Currently the owner of this layout is in the process of dismantling the layout in the video and he will be building a new one that will be modelled after the C&O and Conrail operations in the Detroit, Windsor/Essex, Chatham and St. Thomas areas in the 1980s. Updates to follow. Thanks for 80 000 views by the way! The owner and I never thought it would get this many views and likes.

Here's a link to a time-lapse of Brock Yard:

Thanks for watching! A CPWindsorsub Production. Copyright 2014.