MONSTER TURTLE ATTACKS BIG ALLIGATOR Releasing the Turtles in the Outdoor Pond 2 months ago   02:10

Pecos Hank
Deep in an east Texas swamp a 300 pound creature ambushes in large alligator from underneath. What swamp creature could bully an 8 foot alligator? For licensing contact

The alligator snapping turtle is one of the heaviest fresh water turtles in the world. Bolt cutter shaped jaws mounted on a boulder of a skull suggest you need to keep your hands and fingers at a distance.

This alligator snapping turtle is estimated to be about 150 years old and around 300 lbs. Raphael as the locals call him has been head honcho here below the restaurant since the 1980's and was probably likely sharing the planet with Charles Darwin, Ulysses S Grant and Billy the kid.

Alligator snapping turtles almost never come out of the water and are extremely shy. If you see a snapper, the odds are its the Common Snapping turtle, a much much smaller animal.

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Daniel Pernell
Coomen snapping turtles are mor aggressive the ant alligator snapping turtles
فرهاد فرشید
I hate snapping turtles I wish they are existed I wish kill them one time
I grew up in Coral springs flag in the 70s. It was still part of the Everglades back then. I saw one of those giant alligator snapping turtles on a canal bank and it looked like a stegasaurus. if you ever get to see one you will never forget it just like me they are incredible
Bruce Morris
When I was little my dad told me if a turtle bites you he won’t let go till it thunders.
lyman fischer
The higher ground so it doesnt get flooded to ruin the eggs. They are smart that way..
lyman fischer
They cross the road to get to laying egg grounds in the spring or early summer
lyman fischer
My ma came with us stepped up on what she thought was a rock the size of an old washtub we told her to jump off she freaked out 150 pound snapper ye haaaa
heinz12345 Pro
It's a alligator snapping turtle
Book Worm
0:00 Girlfriend: “honey please I only used all of you money for my nails! See look how long they are!”

Boyfriend: “bich hell no get another man gold digga”
456 123
There such amazing animals
Abby Southida Tutorials
I wanna be a cowboy baybayyy
Toasty McGee
That turtle is a fucking badass. He's so jaded to humans and just doesn't give a fuck.
Awesome vid.
legend has it hes still snapping at crocs today
Kendral Hunt
I wouldn't mind seeing a alligator snapping turtle, they're one of too favorite animals.
Getis Realis
OMG - What an amazing creature, its size and age is astounding!
Danny Danko
Not a 300lb loggerhead I promise. Maybe 90-100 based off this video
Chris F
0:40 =question
Answer= my science teacher
Charlie Gipson
Alligator not big.
Temp Hill
Nigga that's Bowser...
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Releasing the Turtles in the Outdoor Pond MONSTER TURTLE ATTACKS BIG ALLIGATOR 2 months ago   11:01

Shout out to Jess, Dylan and I fished with him.

Hope you enjoyed the video.
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