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Monster Turtle Attacks Big Alligator | How To Catch, Clean And Cook A Snapping - At Ai-Tube.com

MONSTER TURTLE ATTACKS BIG ALLIGATOR How to Catch, Clean and Cook a Snapping 2 days ago   02:10

Pecos Hank
Deep in an east Texas swamp a 300 pound creature ambushes in large alligator from underneath. What swamp creature could bully an 8 foot alligator? For licensing contact hankschyma@yahoo.com

The alligator snapping turtle is one of the heaviest fresh water turtles in the world. Bolt cutter shaped jaws mounted on a boulder of a skull suggest you need to keep your hands and fingers at a distance.

This alligator snapping turtle is estimated to be about 150 years old and around 300 lbs. Raphael as the locals call him has been head honcho here below the restaurant since the 1980's and was probably likely sharing the planet with Charles Darwin, Ulysses S Grant and Billy the kid.

Alligator snapping turtles almost never come out of the water and are extremely shy. If you see a snapper, the odds are its the Common Snapping turtle, a much much smaller animal.

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Jibreel Fauwaz
The strongest Pokemon in that swamp, *Totodile*
Nabeel Musa
Does this video really worth 4 millions views ???..
Common snappers are far more aggressive than alligator snappers. Common snappers also have a much longer neck which increases their strike range way farther than alligator snappers
T Warner
Feeding carnivores bread, that's healthy.
Potato Fish
Turtles are at the peak of evolution
Janice Dafoe
And he be Ugly lol wow
Ultimate Quicksilver
Bowser jumped out of Nintendo!
Mark Waldbillig
Alligator snapping 🐢 on the river bank just the other day sun bathing
Abdelrahman Alaa
0:00 Dady dady dady !
0:01 stfu mike iam tired !
Michael Shelley
nice...but too short....i would have liked to learn more
Michael Washington
Where's turtle Man when you need him. LoL but seriously does anyone know what happened to his show?
IronRain 15
0:00-0:03, when you spit some busted game but honey see right through a motherfucker.
Rune scape
I used to catch baby snappers at a golf course near my house never saw the mother but they were just a bit bigger than a dollar.
MrMeep !
I thought this was a mod for the Resident evil 2 remake
Stefano Ventimiglio
Dan Tucker
Bad. Ass.
Aaron Judge
We have a 70 pound snapping turtle near my home in New York
Bite forces.

American alligator : 2125 psi

Alligator snapping turtle : 1000 psi

American crocodile : 5000 psi
Cheese Grater
I had no idea those turtles lived so long
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How to Catch, Clean and Cook a Snapping MONSTER TURTLE ATTACKS BIG ALLIGATOR 2 days ago   10:24