Diane Abbott vs Emily Thornberry Boris Johnson's biggest design 1 day ago   13:43

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Jeremy Corbyn has promoted Diane Abbott & Emily Thornberry. Some of their quotes include "Mao did more good than harm", "White people like to divide and rule", "This country has never had open door immigration".

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They are both bluffers!
Women are just not up to the levels of men in terms of logic and ability to think. All they do is interrupt others with browbeating, reactive drivel.
Who in their sane mind would vote for that moron ABBott
gary timmins
You dirty bitch fuckoff back home
Neil Hayward
Should be a labour voter 😂😂😂no fucking way I could vote for the anti British party. If thy get in we are we are well and truly fucked and the cons are no better lord god give strength to put up with with this shit
I hate what labour has become. I have nobody to vote for.
Howzer The man
English people arent allowed to be patriotic no English people are racist if we show that we are patriotic.
Alan Parkinson
what's she gonna do when Jabba The Hut wants his arse back?
Howzer The man
The people of Hackney must be fucking retards for voting for Dianne Abbott who is such a stupid woman who doesnt understand how to answer the question shes asked.
Howzer The man
What a disgusting racist old fuckridden cunt Dianne Abbott is.
P May
Diane Abbott is a condescending, retarded, racist imbecile
Dads Do
Never vote labour!
Diana Lake
It's best she has nothing more to say, as she says at one point because she keeps putting her foot in her mouth!
Adam Evans
Diane Abbot and Emily Thorbberry are not fit to be a polititians.
Ray Grange
How on earth are these people in politics. God protect us from imbeciles.
Kev Chambers
sadly certain people miss out on termination , but the list is endless
Kev Chambers
Abbot racist perioid and a socialist twat
Richard Johnson
the useless labour ugly sisters in action
Vera W
She was pissed up on tne tube the other night sbe clearly has been given her job coz shes black??? I mean cant be coz she sounds like she attends a shelterd work shop 3 times a week
Ahd she says black mother would go to the wall for tbere kids
Rasist cow well it wouldnt mention the fathers?? Most of em are awol ,,,,,,,,,i recon russ abbot banged jimmy crankie back in the day,,.? ,,,,, AND SHE TURNED UP ,fan dabby. DOZZY?
leonard moffatt
My Father has been Labour for as long as I can remember but with Corbyn Abbott and Thornbury in charge he said “ Labour never again “ their worse than the bloody conservatives!!!!. Says it all really 😂. We need a political party that is more in tune with the people of this country. People who understand the trials and tribulations of every day life and not “ upper class “ or “ Elite “ in their minds at least.
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Boris Johnson's biggest design Diane Abbott vs Emily Thornberry 1 day ago   06:36

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