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The Daily Locker Room Some scientists believe that our thoughts can create a positive or negative cycle. When you think positive, optimistic, and joyous thoughts, you can convince your brain that things are going well and that leads to more happy, positive thoughts. When you think negatively, get down on yourself, or let anxiety take over, you end up convincing yourself that the world is a sad, lonely place. You focus on the bad things that happen and miss the good ones.

If a negative thought comes into your mind, don't be harsh on yourself. Move forward and replace that negative thought with a happy one. As long as you strive to think positively most of the time, you'll see the happiness in your life increase.

If you find that you have a hard time dispelling negative thoughts or behaviors, consider speaking with a therapist who can help you with some coping mechanisms. There may be issues from your past that might be blocking you from moving forward. Think positive, hopeful thoughts and you will begin to live your very best life.

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