Watch Donald Trump give Trump uses energy speech 1 day ago   24:58

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vahed amiri
I don't know American citizen or European immigrant stolens lands

But I know Red Indian is the American citizen
Not alien👽
The Antagonizer
keep em out trump 2020
Trump is the only progressive to come to power and make positive change that has improved the lives of the poor, the minorities, and the working classes.

Its is clear that Trump is delivering on his promises and the electorate look forward to his announcement of promised for 2020 elections, as they know he delivers.
andrew linehan
A great president, unfortunately not appreciated by some. He has done many good things for the American citizen despite the nonsense he has had to endure since his election.
Happy Plucker
More waffle bluster, bullcrap and the usual, ain't I great.
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Trump uses energy speech Watch Donald Trump give 1 day ago   02:19

President Donald Trump used an official government speech at a liquefied natural gas export facility to handicap his potential 2020 Democratic opponents and attack the Green New Deal proposal for aggressively cutting carbon emissions. (May 14)

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