DON'T CRY MAKEUP CHALLENGE I Pretended To Be A Model On A Shoot For Jigsaw 1 day ago   24:02

Thank you Warner Bros. for sponsoring this video! Go see The Curse of La Llorona in theaters April 19th! Get tickets!

All youtubers cry on camera, it's part of our job description. But in this video I try to see if I can resist crying before I finish my fx makeup. This is the Don't Cry Challenge that you've heard is taking the internet by storm, done now by a million people (read: no one) plus me!

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halloween makeup easy horror trying not to fx sfx while doing

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Zoe Harris
TeA sIs
Where’s Henry????!!!!
Reysmary Vlogz
just casually cutting onions
Jennifer Sleiman
Your fangs look SO good mykie!!
There’s a video of a young boy who has cerebral palsy and walks up to his dad coming back from the military makes me cry EVERY TIME I WATCH IT, look it up
Jo Wean
it kinda looks a little pretty if you don't do a toothy smile
Jo Wean
dude i loved your halloweenish series, like when you went to the queen marie etc.
Alyssa Toms
The video of her family has me bawling. I usually only cry at military homecoming videos (probably my husband's fault, if I'm honest), and gender reveal videos...but the video was so freaking cute and just.... 😭😭😭
Arceus Lord of Creation
“I have cried twice in my life; once when I was eight and I was hit by a school bus, and again when I heard Lil Sebastian had past”
-Ron Swanson
ChinoAnimations and Pets
Us Hispanics BEEN had la llorona.
Viktor Viktorow
AWW I LOVE YOUR COSPLAY 😍🤗😊😘😭❣💞💗💘❤💓💕💖💝🇺🇸
Mindofcolur Minerva
La Larona was not a demon or whatever u guys think she was a women who had heart break her asshole of a husband broke up with her because she wasn’t rich or beautiful she had 2 kids who died by her hand because of her love lust now she wonders waiting for her new children
Mon The Monster
Bro that compilation made me cry :(
jade holder
I cried when he put the pics on hahahahha
Choked On Insta-Ramen
It ain't cheating
Jade Portillos
If she's wearing contacts the onions will not effect her.
too cute kawaii
You should look up and watch ticks on animals it's so sad
Isis Waiters-Sly
Do the nun
review master
this comment is sponsered by warner bros
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I Pretended To Be A Model On A Shoot For Jigsaw DON'T CRY MAKEUP CHALLENGE 1 day ago   09:13

This is a video slash vlog about the day I got to pretend I was a legit model and become an official Saw nurse for the Jigsaw Blood Drive campaign!

To check out what it's done and/or if you want to save any of the nurse images, check out:

Special thanks to Lionsgate for asking me to be a part of this really great cause and to you guys for your constant support. You're the reason I was chosen to do this and I'll remember it forever!

Red carpet footage from MaximoTV:


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