Lin-Manuel Miranda performs ‘My Michael B. Jordan Loses It At Steve 1 week ago   05:03

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Lin-Manuel Miranda tells Graham Norton about the time he missed meeting Beyonce and Jay Z when they came to see Hamilton because he was sick before giving an impromptu performance of ‘My Shot’.

Graham is joined by the cast of Mary Poppins Returns, Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer. With music from Boy George and Culture Club, who perform Life.

The Graham Norton Show | Series 24 Episode 12 | BBC

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what a queer.
CocGames 1
I love Hamilton so much and know all of my shot of by heart!!!
I love how he feels slightly awkward singing “Britain keeps shittin’ on us endlessly” while in Britain lol. That’s actually so funny
Marisa M.
Hahaha this is honestly one of my favorite interviews of all time I keep coming back to it. Also Emily is me whenever Lin does anything.
Doggo Dom
Lin’s hands: 🤛✊👊✋🤚🖐👉👆👈🤜🤛🤜🤛✊👊👆🖐👈👊✊👐👏🤜👌✋🤚🖐
Maribel Munoz
Sam R
You can’t not love Lin
Just another fangirl
That girl is so thirsty
JA Cruz
4:32 Emily Blunt be so proud and protecting our linnamon roll at all cost cause' I'd prolly do too 😂😄😂😄😂😄
Jesus Lin! ❤😂👏👏👏👏👏👏
John White
not trying to be funny here but why do Americans always ask if they can stand during an interview ?
Vincent Afton
Alisa Maree
He has to stand because if he didn't he would wack everyone with his hands.
That awkward moment when 99.99% of Hamilton fans know the songs better than the actual creator of the musical
Winter’s Rose
Damn he sounds the same!!! Also time to move to Puerto Rico
Camuz xd
"I look very relax" xdd
Llama_ Gaming
I am not throwing away mah shot, aye oh I’m just like my country I’m young scrappy and I’m not throwin away mah shot
Corey Cantu
There's a full cast onstage to do Lafayette, Lorenz, Mulligan, and Burr. They missed their mark.
Coca-Cole- A
*that moment I realised they played in Edinburgh*

Excuse me! WhEn
Jenna Stagnaro
I love that he ends with it’s something like that as if he didn’t nail it
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Michael B. Jordan Loses It At Steve Lin-Manuel Miranda performs ‘My 1 week ago   02:43

I love lamp.

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