Lin-Manuel Miranda performs ‘My Michael B. Jordan Loses It At Steve 2 months ago   05:03

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Lin-Manuel Miranda tells Graham Norton about the time he missed meeting Beyonce and Jay Z when they came to see Hamilton because he was sick before giving an impromptu performance of ‘My Shot’.

Graham is joined by the cast of Mary Poppins Returns, Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer. With music from Boy George and Culture Club, who perform Life.

The Graham Norton Show | Series 24 Episode 12 | BBC

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Jay Berrios
Damn! Lin Manuel Miranda. I mean damn! That was epic!
Meaghan Osterhout
I like it a little better with the background music. But this was amazing! I really want to see Hamilton I can only see clips of it on YouTube. No offense but....I really like king George’s song you’ll be back and what comes next!💜💜💚💚
Arctic Echo
It's weird that the British and the Americans were in a relvaloition and he's singing about the Americans and British against each other! 😂😂

Please just take this as a joke!
ally lu222
Is he doing sign language during it

Lin :raps amazingly*

Lin's hands: ☝️👉✋🖐️🤙👆👇✊🤚👋🙌👈
Smol Bean
i can sing my shot perfectly
i can sing guns and ships perfectly
still cant sing helpless that well XD
Eirini WP
L I N' S H A N D S
sarah kleiner
When you're upset just remember the earth is 4.543 billion years old and you managed to be alive at the same time as Lin-Manuel Miranda.
Be blessed peeps.
Peggy Schuyler
AL Moores
I’m not throwin away my shot
(When Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps)
LOLIslatv yay!
Lin needs to...... Rise up!
Here I am at 2am in the morning, shedding a tear to Lin Manuel's 'My Shot'
Elle Miller
Learning about geodes in science class...

Teacher : Kind of like a rough diamond.

Me: I'm a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal
The Tomato Demolisher
I can sing the whole song😂😂 but its sad because hes not in the play anymore😭😭
Mim the chin
😂 I’m British but I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Hamilton Da da da da daaaaa
Shelly Wang
My shot finally listening to good music
Kirsty Fernandes
Emily Blunt is the proudest pseudo-sister ever, just the way she hugged him and cheered, you can tell they have a wonderful friendship.
Bubble Lolli
3:40 the woman is me on my bed smiling
Kirsty Fernandes
I can do the entirety of “My Shot” - I can do all of Hamilton parts and John Lauren’s parts perfectly, “the plan is, to fan this spark into a fan” is a tiny bit tricksy, learning where to take your breaths, so you don’t run out before you get there, is important to learn.

I can do Lafayette and Burr okay, the part that trips me up a little bit is to say Hercules Mulligan’s part, just cause it is so fast, but I can do everything else, all of Hamilton’s lines, all of it. It makes me very proud, I don’t think I have Lin’s speed here yet, but I am constantly working on it.

I adore Lin and Emily Blunt looks like such a fan girl/proud older sister here, it is adorable. Xoxo
Is Hamilton EVER coming to Australia? Please say they will.
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Michael B. Jordan Loses It At Steve Lin-Manuel Miranda performs ‘My 2 months ago   02:43

I love lamp.

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