The REAL Story Of The Tribe That The Darkside of Boyce Watkins 2 weeks ago   10:55

The Young Turks
Brett Erlich asks why we still have missionaries in 2018 on #NoFilter. Watch #NoFilter on YouTube TV here:

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Gigi Kay
obsolete professor
@10:35 Anna was more humble when she had the big nose.
James Snowden
Josh Libenirok
Think deeply guys that is India backyard they knew that anything animal or people will be exterminates but in time they will be converted by the Indian or Christian,etc,. Look guys you are all obsesses with your sexuality unlike the religious people conquering the spirit of primitive is more important than your leftists agenda.
I cant believe i used to be subscribed to TYT
As a progressive, I don’t think the assault on Christianity is the right fight to pursue. It’s a losing battle. Much better would be to find a common ground of humanitarianism, and pursue like-minded goals. We’ll have a much better possibility of success that way.

Also, if we scream racism when we paint the black community as all criminals when a black person does something wrong. We shouldn’t do the same to Christians. Everyone is their own person.
Ricardo Perez
This is last time I watch a YT video with this comedian wannabe.
Greg Ballad Presents
They're not secluded enough, to not know about pilgrims and indians.. Please continue to visit that island white people lol
D James
Should of kept his nose out of other people's lives.
Jack Rosegreen Jr.
I made it as far as the telegraphed, bombed joke at the beginning. Needed more crickets sound effects IMO.
D V. Crane
“It’s what she deserves”- Kim K 🙃
Temsu Nathan
Ben Shapiro would school this failed unfunny wannabe comedian. He schooled his boss Cenk too.
Cee Cee
BTW that Televangelist who healed the person's leg lives a lot closer to sentelenies....
bluedance lilly
Wow, a bit jaded there, guy?. This was incredibly biased with a lot of terrible assumptions. I'm a Christian, but very leftist. I'm not a fan of traditional missionary work and have disdain for what that missionary did. There are a range of Christians in the world. We're not all the same and can't be lumped into one category like this guy just did. TYT is usually fair and balanced, but who is this guy? They needed to get someone who has an inkling about the Christian community (he admitted he came from a jaded perspective) to give a fair analysis.
Colm Conamara
Imperialism! He thought his beliefs were superior to theirs
Joseph Winkler
You shouldn’t have to sell religion there’s a church on every corner people know where to find it if they want it
Joseph Winkler
I’m not really sure what happens to these Jesus freaks where they think they’re supposed to push that shit on everybody
Cooky_ 20
“There’s something for a hangover.” Arrows to the head.
Alter Ego
So easy to sit in front of a camera and have verbal diarrohea - with your suit and tie and smug smirk. That young missionary was indeed an adventurer and sometimes the risks one takes turns out to be real. But he was prepared to face the consequences and he did - what's it to you?
No research, nothing, click bait title and total waste of time!
Vinny DiGregorio
It’s hopeless for anyone who still believes that we purposely used “Germ Warfare” and purposely gave Native Americans Smallpox.. Go back to the 1400’s and try to explain GERMS and how disease spreads. STUPIDITY! Just think about it.
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The Darkside of Boyce Watkins The REAL Story Of The Tribe That 2 weeks ago   32:58

A look at what Boyce Watkins has said and done that most people are unaware of.
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