My youngest grandson flies the "Little Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? 6 months ago   04:39

My youngest grandson flies the My First Drone - Little Tikes RC Flyerz My First Drone

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Put a rubber band on it

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Little Tikes
Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!
Quick question, I have a small Gyro chopper and it's wobbling all over the place like mad. I can't see what the issue is, as Iv checked the blades, shafts, cogs, tail and nothing looks out of alignment. Iv also played around with trim and dosnt help the issue. It's kinda annoying as I can't see what the problem it. Any ideas? As for you grandsons new toy its Kinda funny how it's made to look like a quod but is actually a gyro chopper.
L.E.S Train Spotter
He's a fabulous flyer! Excellent video
boss hogg24
Love it
marc wohlmayer
nice little heli and it flies really well, practice makes better, ur grandson is really good at flying it, nice job
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Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? My youngest grandson flies the "Little 6 months ago   05:31

Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? RC Submarine - Can we get it apart?. This one does not charge and looks rusty around the front so I tried to take it apart and have a look. Totally failed but I did find the charging light came on after messing about for a while. Unfortunately this was a red herring as the battery still didn't hold the charge and the receiver didn't give any indication of responding to the transmitter. The next step will involve taking a hacksaw to the casing so I will leave that until I feel in the mood to destroy something.

The box says Gold Light Radio Control Top-01 Submarine and the original label says Maplin Electronics

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Mondo TechMania - HappyCow 777-216 - Mini RC Submarine
HappyRaidentech - RC Mini Submarine - Micro Radio Control Sub Torpedo Toy
Abu Tayiba RC Videos - Happy cow micro rc Submarine maiden test in water.

Camera Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Editor Serif MoviePlus X6

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