BBC says 'Geographers' Geography Matters 5 months ago   00:54

BBC says 'Geographers'

The BBC in a recent short video clip focusing on coastal erosion used those word "geographers" towards the end of the clip. Recognition for geography or geographers in the media is a frustratingly rare commodity these days therefore the BBC should be praised for their geographical focus in this report. More of the same please!

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Arodas Ironheart
It's so exciting to hear the G word in the news, haha.
Marcos Carvalho
Its a begining!!! G world is wonderful.
Simon Renshaw
More use of the G word on the BBC please!
Great video - really hits the G-spot! Geography gets mentioned by the BBC. At long last! Could be the start of a landslide of mentions.....
Fantastic!! (Even if it has taken them a long time to do it!) Let's hope they continue...
Tony Cassidy
At last, more please BBC!
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Geography Matters BBC says 'Geographers' 5 months ago   06:46

It is really important that all students study Geography at school. Geography not only gives better spatial awareness so we know where things are but deals with the big issues - the only subject that gives the full picture on sustainable living, fairtrade, poverty, renewable energy, migration, urban regeneration, food miles, floods, droughts, hurricanes and hazard management.