Did You Know? A Quickie on Responsible Tourism Pay as you can – an inclusive business model | Judith 5 months ago   03:23

Did you know? A quick video on what tourism is doing in Asia and what you can do.

Big thank you to Edit House/Addaudio Malaysia for making this video happen! Producer: Michelle Kay; Creative: Dantang; Motion Grapics Designer: JayVassu; Art Director: Chris@Mob1900; Sound Editor: GraceKok; Script: Deborah Chan/Scott O'Connell from Wild Asia.


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Bryan Hudgens
Erm.. I don't wanna have a quickie with tourism.. 
Laetitia COSTA
I agree.
Dabo MG
Thanks, It Really educational And Fact based data.
Thank you so much for this. =)
Tara ni
Great video. Thanks for sharing. I can use it in my class presentation. ???
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Pay as you can – an inclusive business model | Judith Did You Know? A Quickie on Responsible Tourism 5 months ago   09:15

About the talk:
Judith Manshanden uses a business model based on the idea of abundance. In her ‘pay as you can’ restaurant “GEEF! Café” (the GIVE! Café) healthy and nutritious meals are being served and people pay in cash or kind as they can.

About the speaker:
Judith Manshanden is a psychologist, former strategy consultant and social entrepreneur. During her corporate career she started to question the basis of our current economy: why do we strive for endless growth?
Is it because we think growth equals success? In other words; could it be that our economy is based on a feeling of scarcity?

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx