[TOP 100] MOST VIEWED 발라드 명곡 - 무료하고 심심할때 2 days ago   27:41

These are the 100 most viewed k-pop music videos of all time as of July 2, 2019. By the time you see this, the views have changed and become outdated.

- Only Korean Songs
- Views are not combined, If a video is uploaded on more than 1 official channel.

Girls' Generation-Oh!GG - Lil' Touch

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love blackpink, bts and luqi
luv blackpink bts and gidle
Gacha Elise ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
So many comments seem like people only like one or two Kpop bands! And i should say EVERY BAND IS AMAZING! I love you Kpop stans!
Jade Gonçalves
Wow I remember 2013/2014 when everyone was expeting the first kpop group (snsd) to beat 100 mi. Now seeing 100 mv's with more than 100 mi its incredible lol
C video
Finally Lil.Touch♥️
Robloxian pro
Blinks win again for most viewed song (DU-DDU-DU-DDU)
Bangtan army
What is the song name which you've used in the introduction???
Гулден Кенес
Я знала что псу победит
Adrián ARG
I love this chart because you're not combined the 2 channels.. Please never do that!
Love your work!
Moon Coon
For blink 🖤💗
56. Stay
27. Solo
22. Whistle
18. Playing with fire
15. Kill this love
7. As if it’s your last
6. Boombayah
3. Ddu du ddu du

Your welcome 😊
Hope we achieve more 😊 fighting blinks!!
26:04 - мы наблюдаем рождение мема..
mina nishino
Whay you all dont like gfriend
Trini Rockkstar
Yall so petty in the comments about who's best and who did what first when every song in here is a achievement for Kpop and I'm from the Western hemisphere so trust me Kpop is hugely expanding nobody care who's best. We're just happy we found this genre.
Siya got7
For Igot7's
65) Never Ever
63) If you do
34) Just Right
Happy to see Got7 here.. ahgase fighting !!! Let's make hard carry and girls girls hit 100M
Ilia Harkins
I'm seeing my favorites already at #100, 99, 98 and I'm like damn, this is gonna be good...
edweirdo justkilme
blackpink over rated over hyped garbage
Darwin Mendoza
If a kpop group has a lot of views in YouTube does that mean they're the kings or queens???
an international potaeto
Seventeen honestly deserves more love
Natalia B
For EXO-Ls
95. Love me right
89. Lotto
79. Tempo
74. Wolf
60. Love Shot
48. Overdose
47. Growl
42. Ko Ko Bop
41. Call Me Baby
33. Monster
For Blinks
56. Stay
27. Solo
22. Whistle
18. Playing With Fire
15. Kill This Love
7. As If It’s Your Last
6. Boombayah
3. Ddu Du Ddu Du
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발라드 명곡 - 무료하고 심심할때 [TOP 100] MOST VIEWED 2 days ago   1:22:57

발라드 명곡 - 무료하고 심심할때 듣기좋은 노래 가요모음 - 116곡 - 기분 좋아지는 노래 - k-pop 아이돌 노래 모음 LIST 20 - 듣기좋은 발라드 2019. https://ai-tube.com/videoai/q_B-n6Fbdg8
01. 김연우 - 사랑아 잘 가라
02. 신용재 & 이해리 - 니가 빈 자리
03. 왁스 - 응급실
04. V.O.S - 부디
05. The Ray - 사랑했잖아
06. 장해진 - 가려진 시간 사이로
07. 김종국 - 지우개
08. 브라운 아이즈- 나지마
09. 윤도현 - 길
10. 윤도현 - 길
11. 엠씨 더 맥스 - 사랑을 외치다
12.소유&어반자카파 - 틈
13. 박혜경 - 하이힐
14. 령 - 기다리지말아요
15. 달한 소금 - 그래도 이별은 지나간다
16. 정동하 & 폴킴 - 소녀
17. Crazy Night
18. One Day
19. 이정 - 자물쇠
20. After Rain - 사랑하지 말것을