Technology: The Incredible Journey of a Dredge Dewatering 2/3 1 day ago   17:18

Visuals Studio Brazil
Project Movie for Boskalis Total Mining.
'The Journey of a Boskalis Dredge ' by Royal Boskalis Westminster
© 2012 Visuals Studio Brazil production

This documentary shows the impressive mobilization mission of a Boskalis dredge ship and its supporting vessels through
the jungle of Suriname. Boskalis contracted Dutch transport experts for the mobilization of 'The Orion' vessel from Abu Dhabi
to the bauxite mine at Lelydorp near Paramaribo.

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Allan Stokes
Dear Boskalis: if tropical rain showers are your "worst nightmare", you might wish to despoil Greenland, Labrador, or Alaska, instead. I actually doubt this is worse environmentally than any other large mine. All metals are dirty, apart from what you can pan by hand standing shin deep in frigid glacial runoff.
Barrie Wright
Just hope when the mining has finished they put back everything and restore nature back to its beautiful self.
Michael Laverty
Together those two Corporation's are the Hand's down Entire World's Leader's in Environmental Pollution & destruction for profit These two power houses are responsible for more pollution and harm to the environment than even the Nuclear waste industry it's because of who these two are that afford's them the News Media anonymity . If you have Alcoa in your name well you have nothing to fear and if you have environmental laws in place that say NO well don't you worry because with the political power they have they won't be Law's for much longer . Just take a good look at what Alcoa did to take care of the huge expense of getting rid of the highly toxic Waste Byproduct from the production of Aluminum ,If you answered they sold it to Municipal water department's to treat drinking water and sold it under the fraud it can be used to fight tooth decay Yes your correct what used to cost them million's to get rid of they now sell to Municipal drinking water Departments Only we later learned that was a complete Lie because it in fact does nothing to treat tooth decay The Owner of Alcoa started a school and paid scientists to claim it fight's tooth decay when it is in fact deadly and destroys healthy living human tissue . So this huge propaganda movie is total Bunk ..So they will take pristine wet land but make sure they call it swamp land not highly valuable wetlands that million's of migratory foul use to nest and breed ..Because these are one of the puppet regime's I told you about we install that allow Multinational Corporation's free rein to do whatever they like to there natural resources and exploit it anyway they like these brutal dictator's put down any decent in these area's and it's those victims we see in the caravan's coming to our southern boarders ... WE create these situations with the help of our own State depts & our own Government hit men the CIA ... Any Native Tribe dare say no well there are hundreds of story's where these disgracefully destructive Corporation's have the puppet regime president send in the Death squad's to deal {Kill} the Native tribe's getting in the way and that Dictator get's huge sum's of retirement cash to live real well off .Just think of 500 miles of destruction and any Native tribes in the way get moved real fast .. I'm a little disappointed our News Media fail's miserably to report on any of this ever We will NEVER learn of any of the destruction these multinational's do Only how well Wall street is doing . Can you imagine that 20 time;s a week we hear how great wall streets doing BUT NOT A WORD on how well Our Mother earth is doing ?
Robert Clolery
There is a reason you never see this crew on U TUBE EQUIPMENT FAILS !!!
Ryan Mader
this video is a disaster at 0:47 seconds that transition is fucked. whole video is like sped up or something my eyes are being raped
Mick Carson
Enjoying destroying the planet, guys? Enjoy then, till you eat and breathe poisons. And the purpose of this is?? To further breed like rabbits, right? And... money, yes, money is everything, including the curse of all this destruction.
These dogs don't care what yo do in their country as long as they get a few pieces of silver .
Chad Simmons
good to see 3rd world countries destroyed for American beer cans, going into the trash bin!
Guess we never get to see them remove it from the money pit,and put it back on the ship?
basant vimal sharma
I disliked visuals Brazil video because music made me swoon
David David
How do they raise the level of the lake? It looks like an immense amount of water required.
Amazing machinery..a company that destroys such massive areas of land cannot claim they are environmentaly friendly..Give me a much bull
nick beam
Aluminium bauxite, very interesting things about it's composition.🕵️‍♂️ if you catch what i mean.
Graham Simon
it sounds great ....who do they think there kiddin their destroying the FUCKIN planet
14:00 what is 3.5 nsp?
caught you in another lie
Mark C
It’s funny how the black people had problems disconnecting the power lines but the white people make it easy work bringing a large Dredging complex from another continent across an Ocean and over unpaved roads. SMFH!!! That’s what I got out of this video🤔.
CJ Jenkins
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lots of false drama for nothing
Chris Benedetto
What a sight to have seen... thing looked like a building on wheels..

Great video, the editing is smooth and entertaining.
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Dewatering 2/3 Technology: The Incredible Journey of a Dredge 1 day ago   08:08

After rough grading the pond we were asked to come back and pump out any water that had collected over the summer. Another contractor had to come in and install the last few peices of inlet pipe below the current water level. In this video you will see how we filled the sump hole with water so that no sediment would be pulled in. This was critical as we were pumping directly into a manhole (and thus into a storm drain).