Business Nightly: World Bank Philippines' NEXT big METROPOLIS is now in PROGRESS 7 months ago   02:41

While the Philippine economy is expected to sustain its growth in the next two years, the World Bank warns a possible US-China trade war could harm its growth.

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1.000.000 subcribe without video mobile legend
Kaya pala onti onti umaangat pamilya namin dahil dito dalawa na tindahan namin kaysa noon walang wala kami :)
roniel carvajal
pag dollar ang currency natin makakahabol tayo sa iba pang mga bansa sa asya
Jyreh Melanio
slowly but surely, there is no magic wand in governing the Phil. discipline your self be a low abiding citizen God bless Philippines
Sebastian Taylor
USA and trump is the worst enemy
Nar Cruz
kung ganyan rate natin di natin mauunhan ang economy ng thailnad indonesia malaysia kahit hanggang 2050
Trade war with China?
China has no chance against the U.S.
U.S. can maintain its economy without the outside world. It's a sustanaible economy.
On the other hand, China cannot live and will not be able to survive without the Us consumers and export.
Thanks President Duterte make us no. 1 in Southeast Asia or even to the world
nông nghiệp
I dont think in 2018 that vietnam GDP will higher 6.9
Translation: China is asking the Philippines to cajole Trump from initiating a trade war with China. However, when factories go back to the US from China, the Philippines will continue to be part of the supply chain to the US and perhaps even more.
The Philippines should recognize the invasive external forces from the UN NGOs and other groups funded by liberal pagans that have successfully infiltrated your national government and, this will undermine the economic growth and Christian social structure of the country. Christianity have made Europe grow morally and economically in ways the world have never seen. Once that driver was removed, Europe and North America took the rest of the world into a spiral descent. The late bloomer, the Philippines who was the only purely Christian country left with its politically Catholic policies in place, will be experiencing the same downward spiral because of its newly legalized birth control law and the upcoming divorce law. This insane acquiescence to the fallen Western culture will undoubtedly lead the Philippines to the same fate as the morally and economically bankrupted nations of the world. It is with a continuous natural (not the unnatural as Duterte is playing god) population growth, continuous educational expansions and its quality improvements, good sound government policy-making that will assure continuous economic and infrastructure growth for decades to come. It is the absence of divorce laws that will make spouses strive to be together and assure children of a happy and balanced childhood that will continue to make the Philippine society a warm and happy one and therefore conducive to outside investments. Those of you Catholics who sit idly by, letting this automatic demolition of your Christian society, are guilty of the sin of omission. You should organize a resistance movement to counter this sinister takeover of your government. Call and write your senators and representatives expressing your concerns. Those who vote yes for bills that destroy your Christian policies should be told that they'll be paying for their folly in the voting booth. The birth control law passed by the liberal pagan Hontiveros must be repealed. You the voters have the power if you organize. If you allow this to happen without a fight, you will answer to God and, He will take away what good future awaits you and your country.
Kitty Schnauzer
This is good news.
Rappler ..baka sabihim mo na naman na FAKE NEWS ito...kayo ang Spreader ng Fake news
Leonora Dompor
Don't forget the poor!
Leonora Dompor
Money money money,use wealth for God's Greater Glory!
Door Dek
Next rich country in Asian
Àng Mali kasi ng US at doon sila nag set up ng factory sa China.Maya Maya kopyahin ng mga I tsik any produkto nila tapos sila na any mag export ng mga produkto ng mga Amerikano.wala na silang negosyo.kung dito sila sa Pilipinas o sa Indonesia nagpatayo ng mga factory any mga pinoy pay may money van bibili sila ng kahit ano Basta made in USA.
Dati any iniexport ng Pilipinas ay asukal ,mantika,kapeat abaca kaya mabuti pa any ekonomiya noon.kaya lang bumaba any presto sa world market kaya hdi na sila nagtatanim ng maramihan.any iniexport Malang nation ngayon at mga tao tulad ng mga DH soon sa Kuwait na minamaltrato.Bakit Hindi tayo magtanim ng para lang sa aging consumption. 100milion na tayo kahit tayo lang bumili ng mga produkto ng aging magsasaka mabigyan na nation sila ng trabaho.
Pinabayaan kasi ng gobyer o any agriculture sector.masyado na tayong dependent sa Vietnam sa pangangailangan natin ng bigas.ano any ginagawa ng IRRI.dito sa at in.pi apayaman lang nila any mga gumagawa ng mga pamatay pests.Maya ayaw na magtanim ng aging mga magsasaka.gusto nalang magabroad.kung Hindi lugi,patas lang sa gas to tapos any gigas nation na kinakain at matigas pay nabahaw na.di kagaya sa ibang bansa malambot any gigas nila.
Dapat po ang no.1 na idevelop ng government ay sa agriculture para matulungan mga magsasaka, mangingisda at kahit nga mga common tao sa cities, they can produce their own food pg tinuruan cla e. ang pagtatanim naman pongayun e kahit d nangangailangan ng lupa. bsta may sapat na moisture/tubig at nutrients. dpat turuan cla sa sustainable agriculture/gamit din mga recyclable plastic bottles/cups/styrofoam and others. dapat food production ang unahin ng government, cguradong maminimize ang bilang ng pinoy na mgsasabi na wala kmi makain.
this vid. is two weeks ago lolol..... wait'll the E.U. hands out it's punishment on murderous filipins leader

heil duturdte 👊✊👊✊👊 heil duturdte ✊👊✊👊✊
dean and deanbear
mahal pagkain, kuryente, gas, mga tech products kumpersa sa sweldo ng mga common tao. Invest sa Agriculture, eduation science and technology, tama na mga nurse at H&R s. Infrastructure para umunlad mga buhay ng common tao. Palitan na mga korup na mayor na hindi pinapaganda mga lungsod nila ayaw pang bumitaw sa mga pwesto. Take care of the environment teach people not to throw their trash everywhere!
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Philippines' NEXT big METROPOLIS is now in PROGRESS Business Nightly: World Bank 7 months ago   15:11

GOOD NEWS: Philippines’ next big metropolis is now in progress!

The New Clark City is envisioned to be the country’s first-ever smart and green city that will decongest the highly populated urban centers in Metro Manila.

This will be the new hub of National Government Administrative Center (NGAC) that includes the construction of government offices and housing units, service facilities, and the world-class Sports Complex for the Philippines’ hosting of 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

This project will bring more investments, create more jobs, and spur the growth drivers in Central and Northern Luzon towards a #ProgressivePH.

This is where the future begins! Together, we will make Philippine economy stronger, and more resilient!

#NewClarkCity #ClarkGreenCity