Anderson Cooper schools Lara Sarah Sanders Caught Lying. 2 days ago   05:15

CNN's Anderson Cooper gives Lara Trump a history lesson after her comments about the "downfall of Germany" on the Fox Business Network.

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Ryan Anderson
To her the downfall of Germany was when the Allies won world war 2.
POS traitor ! We all know why you squint so much.
If you think it's sooo great, live next to some of these third world head choppers.
CNN lied to us for over two years. They have a evil agenda. They are STILL lying to us.
richard d
Approximately 80% of refugees / migrants who are hiding in Münich, according to the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation ( Bayerischer Rundfunk ), are men who have announced that having sex with female asylum seekers costs ten euros. A social worker described the shelter as follows: "We are Münich's largest brothel".
richard d
An increasing number of women and young girls living in a German refugee residence are being raped, assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers. This is confirmed by German social workers, who have first-hand information about the situation.
Although the rape took place in June, the police stopped the incident for almost three months, until the local media published an article about the crime. According to an editorial in the Westfalen-Blatt , the police refuse to release crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give rise to criticism of mass migration.
An Islamic girl of 13 years has been raped by a co-asylum seeker in the refuge residence in Detmold, a city located in the mid-west of Germany. The girl and her mother are allegedly fled from their home country to flee a culture of sexual abuse.
About 80% of the refugees / migrants staying in Münich are men ... They pay ten euros for sex with female asylum seekers. - Bavarian broadcaster ( Bayerischer Rundfunk ).
In the Bavarian village of Menring, where a 16-year-old girl was raped on 11 September, the police made a call to warn parents that they should not let their children go outside without supervision.
Jeffrey jones
All these people commenting know that
A faggot can’t school Lara Trump!!!
Jane Doe
Look at what is happening in Germany and the EU- this is the biggest crisis Europe has faced since WW2. Because of Merkels policies the right is rising in Germany and have now entered government. WAKE UP! What she is saying is right whether she is a Trump or not

I’m from the UK and didn’t vote Brexit, but if we leave at least we can prevent the rise of the right spreading into the UK
james west
What, anderson cooper couldnt school a pile of shit much less any human.
What a twat!
The fag schooling anybody is really funny! He doesn't even know what restroom to use! And the idiot Democrats listen to him as their leader??? Very funny! And they don't think they are brainwashed idiots??? Now that is funny!
robert wesley
who would trust anything a gay neurotic idiot like Cooper would say. he looks sick and is sick
Cher Chu Hai Kieu
Trump just took steps to reveal the obama/clinton/DNC/fbi/doj et al conspiracy against him & America.
lol is Pooper still on the fake news network ? .. what a joke.
Adolf Mussolini
Butt boy Anderson having tantrum. Lara is awesome. Great first daughter. No more pot head malia rolling around on ground like at lolopaloozo stoned on drugs
ilonka knutson
do any of the trumps have any brains? does not look like it!!!
lmao! "schools" this didn't happen Anderson Cooper couldn't teach a mouse to eat a piece of cheese!
Jasmin Jasmina
its the worst thing happened to germany since i was born in 1992...
Ada Newman
Bitch! sh doent know anything about any history. go home Lara1 go home and change diapers!
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Sarah Sanders Caught Lying. Anderson Cooper schools Lara 2 days ago   09:00

The White House press secretary was exposed in the Mueller report -- and her attempt to explain her lies away just made things worse.
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Sarah Sanders Caught Lying. So She Lies Again. | All In | MSNBC