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Saving Hope stars Daniel Gillies (Elijah, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES), Erica Durance (SMALLVILLE), and Michael Shanks (STARGATE SG-1)

Official Synopsis:

This show will be airing on CTV in Canada and NBC in the United States this summer I believe!!

I'm so glad that another Canadian show has been picked up by the United States =)

No Infringement Intended - Just trying to get the word out on what looks like to be an amazing show

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I'm only going to watch this show for Daniel Gillies :)
-Guh- can't wait for this show!! it seems I am more excited for summer shows than the fall shows.
Amber Perez
Shake it off - by florence and the machine
LOl Daniel Gillies riding a patient, that's a first.
It's something I would watch for sure, looks very fast moving & that keeps you interest.
@ashli674 Even if NBC decides not to keep airing it, it's a Canadian Drama which will be shown on CTV and CTV has a good track record with shows. Not to mention that Canada has a very impressive record with producing great TV shows that stick around for a long time.
Yeah, this show will last like every single medical drama on NBC. THe only exception to that is ER which they kept going way too long.
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10 best scenes // Elijah - TVD Saving Hope - Daniel Gillies 2 months ago   11:18

I ♥ Elijah
WE ♥ Elijah

I think and hope he will come back in the 3 season.