Milton Friedman - The Robber Baron Milton Friedman on Donahue #2 2 days ago   10:01

Professor Friedman explodes the myth that America's 19th century industrialists exploited the ordinary man.

Source: Milton Friedman Speaks
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Do you have the full video? Very insightful. Must watch.
Harry Hirsch
Government is always the problem, disguised as solution.
never forget history is writen by the victors = lies
Rohan Antony
LOL cause 35,000 people weren’t dying per year in factories... because disease and crime wasn’t rampant in cities... because the progressive movement didn’t protect the worker from 12 hours work days... because the government didn’t subsidize railroads...
Darth Utah 66
3:27-3:51 is just pure gold
soumya bhattacharjee
Change the title to "Freidman predicts crony capitalism"
Patricio Fernandez
This same presentation today would have a bunch of immature kids there, who would not be interested in the topic to begin with, yelling something stupid to shut down the speaker, simply because they disagree (out of ignorance and "feelings") with what he/she is saying.
Thomas Bingel
Very recommendable!
A master at making the facts fit the ideology
John Spotts
I just found these gems. Who is this man?
Jim Hughes
sandy moonstone
🍎 🗽👌
Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera
Chicago Touch
I'm 59. Around 10 years ago, I realized that I didn't have a clear understanding of the eco-political dynamics of the 1800s.
I began searching for the top minds on the subject and while gaining much insight, I gradually discovered that I could not
find a single expert with a big enough picture that also penetrated all the layers. We do know that the corruption was profound and became worse in the 20th century. After his presidency, Wilson was very candid about how the deep state pushed him into what had been called the Warburg Act and became the Federal Reserve Act. That one shift changed everything about the 20th century as did our getting roped into WW1. I also see a lot of evidence that European oligarchs sent agents over foment our civil war. Europe was fighting over who would get to control, manipulate and dominate us. We were taught to believe it was Briton against Germany. If you look deeper, you'll see it was the 13 bloodlines (and the extreme upper-elite) against humanity.
Tod Shopov
Ronnie Reagan played robber Barrons on screen, till he got the opportunity to play one for real.
And unlike his film performances, his political one was painfully real.
Tod Shopov
3:25 Friedman seems to forget the African slaves.
They were the (arguably) the only group, that was shipped the USA against their will.
And treated......well, like slaves.
Shubham Bhushan Such Nice Charitable "Barons"
Matrix Man
Some people in the comment section didn't watch the whole video. He said that some people did get rich for the wrong reasons, but overall most people benefitted.
Josh Pollack
so much information in laymens terms in only 10 menits
Solan K
This is a brilliant speech, though I disagree with him on one thing: that redistribution of wealth or subsidies are necessarily a zero-sum game.

I am for redistribution of wealth in a limited sense, as I think almost everyone is in favor of some government support for the poor and disabled (though I am deeply opposed to the current welfare systems which doesn’t allow people to work). And this is not IMO a zero sum game - these poor benefit more than the middle and upper classes lose.

I am against corporate welfare, and I actually think that’s usually a negative-sum game. You support rich failures at the expense of the public. But it is not inconceivable for it to be a positive sum game in very specific circumstances. Of course, everything has exceptions, so this is a bit of a nitpick.
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Milton Friedman on Donahue #2 Milton Friedman - The Robber Baron 2 days ago   46:28

Milton Friedman on Donahue. This is where the famous "Greed" clip comes from.