Milton Friedman - The Robber Baron Milton Friedman on Donahue #2 5 months ago   10:01

Professor Friedman explodes the myth that America's 19th century industrialists exploited the ordinary man.

Source: Milton Friedman Speaks
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Lucian Corvus
Friedman is elaborating about a narrow element of a larger historical spectrum. One immigrant family
not well known was the Kohler family who started a plumbing and bathroom mfg business. In addition
to well paying employment with sensible hours and working conditions, the Kohler's also provided
schools & hospitals for the general community.
In 15th century Florence, Lorenzo Medici spent considerable capitol towards art, literature & science
and founded "The Plato Academy" which was instrumental in the Renaissance. He was known to
walk about the city unattended, speaking with all citizens equally, even after the Pazzi conspiracy.
How many "Robber Barons" can attest to this, especially in the current social-political-economical
Friedman was a apologist crank in reciprocate denial licking elitist ass for a cookie.
His tomb will make an excellent septic tank for a homeless encampment though.
Fed up with Fed
What he is saying is the WHOLE point the leftists completely miss....yes some people got extremely doing so...the standard of living was GREATLY increased for EVERYONE!....get it?
My God what an elitist, rich man's apologist. The 19th Century was indeed a wonderful period of pure, unrestrained individualism--NOT! In fact, the federal and state and local governments provided Indian land to farmers and businesses. They did this after completing the genocide of the Indians. It was racist Christian government that deliberately, through policy, law and soldiers, committed genocide of millions and enslaved millions more. Then attacked Mexico (which was much larger than it is today) as a pure LAND GRAB WAR. The land was confiscated from the previous inhabitants (in fact, the government prevented private citizens from owning it unless they were given title and paid taxes or a fee).

Did the Robber Barons build the railroads as a free enterprise pursuit, as Friedman tell us? NOOOO. The GOVERNMENT contracted with the Robbers to give them huge swaths of land in return for each mile of railroad built. That established the super-wealthy ownership of America and ensured the one federal government would have power over the entire continent, pushing Mexico back behind a much smaller border.

Friedman is popular among conservatives because he perpetuates their myths.
"Most corporations are run by old white guys, therefore they're all bad," yours truly... the common liberal.
Snake Pliskin
The immigrants back then 1. Wanted to become Americans 2. Thought it degrading to receive government assistance 3. Relied far more on family and community 4. Were industrious 5. Were virtuous 6. Came legally...enuff sed!!
Friedman = Freed Thought. Post more, share more, educate more
Vphiamer Adis Ogaarwa
Dementia walking; he disqualifies truths about real situations because he didn't like the economic solutions presented to solve them. Rather one likes the solutions offered or not, the impact of industrial capitalism on the average American was no myth; neither was the heartlessness of those who drove the system.
Do you have the full video? Very insightful. Must watch.
Harry Hirsch
Government is always the problem, disguised as solution.
Rohan Antony
LOL cause 35,000 people weren’t dying per year in factories... because disease and crime wasn’t rampant in cities... because the progressive movement didn’t protect the worker from 12 hours work days... because the government didn’t subsidize railroads...
Darth Utah 66
3:27-3:51 is just pure gold
soumya bhattacharjee
Change the title to "Freidman predicts crony capitalism"
Patricio Fernandez
This same presentation today would have a bunch of immature kids there, who would not be interested in the topic to begin with, yelling something stupid to shut down the speaker, simply because they disagree (out of ignorance and "feelings") with what he/she is saying.
Thomas Bingel
Very recommendable!
A master at making the facts fit the ideology
John Spotts
I just found these gems. Who is this man?
Jim Hughes
sandy moonstone
🍎 🗽👌
Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera
Chicago Touch
I'm 59. Around 10 years ago, I realized that I didn't have a clear understanding of the eco-political dynamics of the 1800s.
I began searching for the top minds on the subject and while gaining much insight, I gradually discovered that I could not
find a single expert with a big enough picture that also penetrated all the layers. We do know that the corruption was profound and became worse in the 20th century. After his presidency, Wilson was very candid about how the deep state pushed him into what had been called the Warburg Act and became the Federal Reserve Act. That one shift changed everything about the 20th century as did our getting roped into WW1. I also see a lot of evidence that European oligarchs sent agents over foment our civil war. Europe was fighting over who would get to control, manipulate and dominate us. We were taught to believe it was Briton against Germany. If you look deeper, you'll see it was the 13 bloodlines (and the extreme upper-elite) against humanity.
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Milton Friedman on Donahue #2 Milton Friedman - The Robber Baron 5 months ago   46:28

Milton Friedman on Donahue. This is where the famous "Greed" clip comes from.