Can a Junkyard LS Motor Save the Day? [HOONIGAN] KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA SEVEN: 2 months ago   11:32

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Jon Chase might be having issues with his Tri-Five, but Finnegan is dealing with some headaches of his own - including having to tear down his entire Hemi engine, without being able to find what's wrong. Now there are TWO racecars on the struggle bus. Who will come out on top??

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Jaerdin Spader
Almost finished with a cam swap, AFM delete, polish, and overall refresh on a 204K mile 5.3L. It's cool seeing an LS torn down.
Trent Erickson
Vy commodore in the back ground at 1:20
Tomasz Wocial
Anybody knows the name of musician that made this sick cover of Mayhem?
Nunster's Place
They got a nice shop but yet they need to send out the motor to be worked on? They are not techs are they. Just mechanics. Take part off and put part back on. Look at Finnegan. He actually tears down his own engines and do all the work him self.
Mike Miller
Does he work on his own car or is he there just to look pretty?
LMFAO, that crackhead DID forget the oil pickup tube!!!
William Benson
if little daddy brad was a friend, would have let you run the bucket motor
Jeff Leblanc
Finnegan has this shave that beard no water running that hemi I would never do that I guess you can get parts easier than most of us and you still take it love it good job get some water in that hemi
Will Thacker
I wonder if they keyed they checked true tdc on that 5.3? 200k+ now with a blower, seems like the perfect scenario for a balancer slip. Idk they probably say in the later videos, i just haven't got there yet.
68 mustang
Wwwheeerzzzz Jon 👀
Clint Donovan
Finnegan by a bus and thats if he lets off at the 660
David Bergemann
I see an Australian Holden Commodore ute in the background
I'd say Finnegan has a lot less to lose, he might need to shave his head to make up for it.
(not sayin he's gonna lose by the looks of that wheelie...but roadkill happens).
The Sentinel
" it's making a ticky ticky sound " ..." no oil " ..are your cam bearing oil holes lined up with the holes in the journals ? lol
Adam Fears
finnegan all day
Jerry Wyatt
Winner should call out ruby from mcfarland racing cletus mcfarland youtube channel
Jamie Brown
Send it!!!
J Bettis
What’s with everyone buying a “junkyard 5.3L”? You, Cleetus runs that in Ruby.....
Go watch Cleetus put an old junk yard motor in his vet and run 8's on his way to 7's. Till it blew up with no oil pressure. Same thing is available here with a turbo set up and holly dominator set up.
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[HOONIGAN] KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA SEVEN: Can a Junkyard LS Motor Save the Day? 2 months ago   12:09


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