Last To Stop Playing Fortnite LONGEST SNIPE IN THE HISTORY OF FORTNITE! 6 months ago   35:37


LAST TO STOP PLAYING FORTNITE WINS $5000 CHALLENGE!! Shoutout to the boys for participating:
Ryan swaze:
Dr Hobs:

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Buying Everything You Touch Blindfolded!! **$5,000+ SHOPPING SPREE**

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Intro Music: Lately - City Fidelia

Kevin Macleod -

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THANK YOU ALL FOR 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! Seriously, you all have changed my life and I can never thank you enough for that. I love each and every one of you
Corrupt End
I could have beat you guys. I would go a full 7 days playing without stopping... if it meant 5gs
Kolby Blinn
whats the song plying most of the first half
tasos arvanitis
i had played a game for 3 days and nights at your age so GIVE ME THESE MONEY !!!!! xD funny video should be without toilet and food thas no fair.... that blondy kid cant stay away from his phone!!!give me my toy back mom muahhhh
Bro gee shouldn't even get money he cheated
Jenny Gan
morgz mum's last to stop playing fortnite video is much better than this video
Denis Nalovski
I can probably play for a week only toilet break
D GoAtman
Sure man
Finery Gamer
19:28 I’m a noob/average skilled player and can still build better
Da Pokémon Kid
You guys are getting paid for this?
ChasedEel935 Lol
It would be start to make an account on mobile and get stuff
Mylani Cantero
You should do who ever can make fire with sticks wins 10’000 dollars
E11 Exterminator
Ge is a cheater
thegreatavenger bfd
when u realise this vid is 35 mins :(
nba saleh /youngboy
They didnt even win once fr
Andre Saab
4 v 1 me you will get clapped
II Biologic II
Cristiano Antunes
You guys do now u are allowed to pause to go to the washroom
savage boss
Brayan Guzman
Could you add me
struggle 711
Do That Challenge With Me I Won't Even Leave!
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LONGEST SNIPE IN THE HISTORY OF FORTNITE! Last To Stop Playing Fortnite 6 months ago   07:36

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