Can My Salvage Audi R8 Pass Rebuild AUDI A8 (2018) The Most High-Tech 6 months ago   12:02

I took the rebuilt Audi R8 in for it's inspection. Here's what happened...

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Shear Adventures
Sam thanks so much your videos are awesome and informative. Love watching them and learning more about cars and the Copart process. Im looking to get a vehicle from Copart myself. Thanks for all the information and great content.
Mayank Pawar
Please get your tyre pressure checked want to know what is wrong with it, you said it can checked in no time
every time he rev the car 5000 with the car cold it makes fuking die
How does the gas burns on this rocket ship? What is the mpg on this?
Tpms senor issues, low tire air? Omg, the price of gas $2.69, and I am thinking premium gas for that rocket ship. Thats is insanely cheap.. Over here in the west coast, it mid $3 and that was back in December when you posted. Its about mid $4 now and going up..
Unhappy Man
Ohio doesnt even care about airbag lights at all lol
James Latimer
Your fuel is cheap uk is a rip of
Super Shifter
I love to see ppl rebuilding crashed cars they deserve to drive again!
Lee Baldwin
How much was it on coparts ? You never told me!?
noahlikes mc
I'm from Florida like you and I'm trying to buy a car I'm really inexperienced does anyone have any suggestions?
Jim Jim
It failed the second it was built, it’s just a Volkswagen, 😂 he thinks it’s fast 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Good Series.
Jan Van Houtte
I can't understand that a car guy, like you, redlines a cold engine...
Queen Esa
so after what kind of title is it listed as?
Ricardo Correa
Is not a suspension light it’s the flat tire light 😂
How do you drive that car with the dang Low Tire warning on constantly. You have to be trolling all of us.
Mike K4ISR
They push with their knees because people would put on a few bolts and barely have the bumper secured or go without the interior foam/steel reinforcement.
Omar Zowila
I like Audi R8’s so much
New to channel. Got you off life of Palos and I love the channel. 4th video I watched already
Daelements DaElements
Thank you for this video. It is an often asked and rarely answered question. As a Florida resident, this was extremely helpful.
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AUDI A8 (2018) The Most High-Tech Can My Salvage Audi R8 Pass Rebuild 6 months ago   06:54

With more than 40 driver assistance systems, the new 2018 Audi A8 becomes the new gold standard among the competition.

The video shows the Audi AI remote parking pilot, Audi AI remote garage pilot, manoeuvre assist, pre sense side, cross traffic assist, active suspension, elevated entry and exit and rim protection.

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