Gary O'slide - Mariachi banjo G Dorian Mode Groove Improvisation 2 days ago   01:48

Gary O'slide

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Evil Avocado
This is more like flamenco banjo. Still sounds great though.
OLIDIO & ÂNGELA.nosso canal.
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G Dorian Mode Groove Improvisation Gary O'slide - Mariachi banjo 2 days ago   13:40

A short improvisation over a G DORIAN VAMP, after you can practice over the backing track.

It's a widely used mode in modern music (jazz, funk etc ...)
It's a minor mode whose main feature is the major sixth.

- Root
- second
- minor third
- fourth
- fifth
- major sixt
- seventh ( in france we say "the minor seventh" )

You can use this mode over a Gm7,Gm6,Gm9 chords,
a G DORIAN vamp....

In my improvisation i try to play in a " modal approach ".
I use chromatisms and embroidery etc...

It is interesting to know that DORIAN is a dialect of ancient Greek.

I hope you'll enjoy this video and you'll have fun practicing with. :-)

I think it is very difficult to describe a color with words:
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very difficult ... it's better to show ...

It is the same thing with the musical modes

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