Dissecting two Word Processors, Brother BMW i3 REx roadtrip, charging, coding, and range 1 day ago   13:34

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jlk kruger
Karis AsaNi
Where are the fallout jokes with how the monochrome looks awfully similar to that of how the computers in fallout have their displays look like.
Electrical Tapeworm
The reason that people could dislike these videos is really beyond me.
Azizjan Ayupov
who the fuck ware using this in 1992???
Hey u should try and repair an 1980s Emerson tv and radio
Samuel Stinson
David, you should consider doing episodes on the Neo and the Neo2 word processors sometime.
Alex Maley
The floppy drive on my Brother did the same thing.
*A W W M A N N O T T H E V O L C A N O*
Shade Silverwing
Chances are that the floppy being inserted backwards might be a visual clue that it is a floppy drive, by having the iconic part showing instead of the plastic? or the photographer was an idiot when he shot the pictures lol
I was so tickled to see this thumbnail pop up and elated to click and find my beloved Panasonic word processor demonstrated within!
Found it in 2002 at a thrift store and have been defending its necessity to my wife ever since!
Never replaced the tape, still has ink!
Andrew Sutton
I don't recall the name of the handheld portable word processors we had in high school. They didn't have a built in printer, but could somehow connect to one. They looked about the size of the motherboards you had shown of these devices. If I recall what they were called, I'll edit or reply to this comment. Curious if they are affordable now and what they are running.
Johnson Lam
Append some information, Japanese people used to like Word Processor (they call them WA-PRO), for easier to use and don't need to mess with OS or learn a lot.
Sebas Eu
We had at school some strange electric typewriters. They were from early 90´s. No screen, just a plain typewriter that had to be plugged on the wall. You type - it goes on the paper.
When I got one (they throwed them to the bin around 2000 when all was made on PC), I discovered some hidden ports and one of them was a serial rS232 port. When I hooked to my PC, on terminal I saw the typewriter output. So, I think that it could had the posibility to act as a true text processor.
Other ports that I remember was a PS2 style connector and a "cartridge" connector, maybe to add functionality, RAM, software. It also had the "print" button that in typewriter mode printed all characters that had in ROM. The printer part was a dot-matrix type, I remember cleaning the head, had the pins on two columns.
The electronic was made around I80186, and there was the first and only time that I saw that CPU.
Parker The Squid
No offense but when is the next restoration 😁?
Hi David, can you please do more restoration videos? They are my favourite. Keep up the great content
Thanks 😃👍
Your intro... the 'high' tone seems familiar, what music is this? Seems like nintendo sounds, maybe from homebrew channel, or other channel... idk
Andrew LeTourneau
Very cool! Seeing this video, I instantly knew I wanted one. Found a Brother WP-2450DS on ebay, couldn't turn it down! Hopefully it has "hackable" chips in it as well. Not sure I'll actually dive that deep into it, but the possibilities!
Aidan rosenberg
Hello, I love your videos by the way. I bought from a goodwill a little while ago, a early commodore Vic-20 in box that is in really good shape, i just have one small issue. The key plunger that the commodore symbol key cap sits on broke off and the spring is not able to be found and i was wondering if you had a Vic-20 key plunger and spring so i can place the my commodore symbol key cap back on. I can find a pack of 10 key plungers and springs for the c64 on eBay but i only need one for the Vic 20. thanks for your time and keep making great videos, I am always waiting for the next one.
Silver Hoof
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BMW i3 REx roadtrip, charging, coding, and range Dissecting two Word Processors, Brother 1 day ago   15:42

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So you wanted to know why BMW crippled the range extender on the i3? Well, they wanted to meet a special classification in California and other CARB states that would allow them to get ZEV credits (zero-emission vehicle credits) for this vehicle even though it is technically a plug-in hybrid.

One of the rules they had to meet was that the range extender had to have less range than the battery range. Since the EPA ended up rating the car lower than they originally thought, they had to reduce the size of the gas tank. Another crazy rule they had to meet was that the range extender not be available unless the battery was fully depleted. So that was why they removed the hold mode as well.

As a result, the USA version of the car has a much less capable range extender. Nevertheless, the REx works absolutely fine in the city even when crippled. However, fast highway travel or long climbs up mountain passes can be a problem. If you plan to do that, you need the hold mode so that you can engage the REx while the battery is still at 75%. This will ensure that you don't lose any performance of the vehicle while operating on gasoline.