Dissecting two Word Processors, Brother Modern games for Vintage systems: 1 day ago   13:34

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Where do i find a replacement carbon trancfer ink cartrige
The Creeper King
Wouldn’t it be possible to trick the computer into loading “Spreadsheet” software form the disk drive?
I like it how "portable" means less than 50 lbs.
Adam Norman
How did you make your intro
Krzysztof Łodyga
The 8-Bit Guy This word processor Brother isn't WP25. This is Brother WP-85 ! Look on front of the case of Brother word processor.
Matt McIrvin
The industrial design of that Brother one is actually pretty cool and attractive. The Panasonic, not so much, though having the bigger screen is nice.
Eric Rogers
Cool! My mom had a big heavy gray typewriter that could be hooked up to a screen.
Would be awesome for Fallout cosplay....greatest american hero!
1:30 *is this the first ultrawide screen ever?*
Claudia Burns
0:40 Or they couldn't afford a computer.
Ray Charles
fuck... i want one
meezocraft op
Change the display to LCD and it can be used again. It would be very funny to submit a unique typewriter style project to submit in school. Other kids will bring their latest font prints. But the typewriter one will be cool
This is kind of an odd experiment idea, but have you ever tried rehydrating an ink ribbon? (assuming they used water soluble ink and not polymerizing oil base or something) I'd suggest just taking the side off the ribbon cartridge and putting it into a steamer for a bit. I make no guarantees it would work, but it could be a fun experiment. And if it did work you could have a lot more printer fun.
Nik Daum
I had a grey version of the Panasonic in middle school, and I wrote so many papers on that thing. Never realized the ribbon worked that way.
Mike KSP
WP ink ribbon leaves empty spaces where the letters are punched in

My 30 year old typewriter ink tape that has been used multiple times and still writes crearly

Nodq Soulja
I am the beast I worship.
This is a test. Of course there is no inmk.
Wait a minute, saomething is comimg out°
there is ink!
say what?
that pronunciation of hitachi though..... the hi of hitachi is pronounced as "he"
uiop uiop
Imagine the privacy with that tape
Davin Peterson
Remember that The Goldbergs takes places in the 1980s
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Modern games for Vintage systems: Dissecting two Word Processors, Brother 1 day ago   15:41

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