Building coastal protection | CAT 740B Cat D8T LGP Dozer Pushing Volvo A30 Dumper 2 days ago   06:35

Strengthen Sea dikes for Coastal protection in The Netherlands| Waterdunen project Breskens Holland.

Equipment used:

-Caterpillar 730, 740 and 740B EJ articulated dump and water trucks
-Caterpillar 972 loader
-Caterpillar 374D excavator
-Caterpillar D8 or D9 dozers ( I think??)
-Volvo A40E articulated dump trucks

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Style To smile
I’m a Volvo truck driver 🔥🔥
This is a go to video when heavy equipment hunger strikes.
Manuel Bach
Wo ist das?
the volvo dumper looks more pretty but i doubt it is better than the CAT.
The Cat ejector trucks are real safe unloading on steep ground and side slopes and under electric cables, I expect they will become the standard in the future when health and safety gets it's head out of it's arsehole.
Ari Lehtiniemi
I got sum bad news...
Wiwin Windaryati
Itu bukan HOAX RIIL.
Himalayan Monster
Here is sea of excavator and dump truck.
mine is herre but small and cute.
shakeel malik
Me also Operator
shakeel malik
Nice work Great Cat Machines
Carter Barsoom
Ideal conditions for max productivity...great video..
Тимур Гаджиев
CAT 374D, not 347D
Mike Nobbe
ejectors should be mandatory on all jobs
Wahana Cempaka
TractorsPotter ,,,,,
When i get job this Operator machine contak WASHAAP +0136464614 thanks
Here a mountain to be removed:
the plinker
I have to agree they are ugly compered to the volvo, but I do like the way they unload.
Kishan Mahabier
Volvo is the biggest!! They make evrything...heavy equipmemt, trucks,luxurycars,dumpers ect.... i love volvo!!
G Shiva Shiva
Joe Bittner
The dozers r d6
funny clips 2018 dalip
I need job as a bell dump driver my email I'd is
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Cat D8T LGP Dozer Pushing Volvo A30 Dumper Building coastal protection | CAT 740B 2 days ago   05:39

Cat D8 dozer moving Volvo A30D And A30F ADT clay loads, on a motorway project in Denmark.

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