Trump skips White House Donald Trump Says Mueller 2 days ago   05:43

ABC News
Instead, the president held a rally in Wisconsin, a key battleground state.

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John Woodard
George the clown lest you forget Clinton wiener puke , dog , rat , communist
John Woodard
Good why go there shit dinner shit people traitors all
Francis Conners
of course, he has no sense of humor. He has been a spoon feed rich kid all his life. I think a Mexican beat his ass and took his girl friend when he was in high school. The man baby is a punk.
Mexico lindo
Is it true that sleepy joe's son is dating his dead brothers wife? Oh my!
John O'Brien
Trump should skip the White House...FULL STOP.
jermain amburayan
I like that phrase " collusion delusion" said by our President.
Ann van de Kew
Sick idea.
ivory fyall
Hes Skin is to thin. Scared they might Roast him? His lil Ego cant take ittt!! Mr Bully Tough Guy🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Твой Хозяин
ёба в рот где перевод? за что я плачу налоги?
Andrew Herman
You'll need stored food & water, weapons and ammo, gold & silver coins. And, be sure of this, the Democrats will be out to confiscate your weapons and your gold. If they do, rich men's dogs will be
eating far better than you.
David Kereliuk
Hi is a very bad person and a racist lying coward
tommi atkins
Just a coward. A weak useless coward.
John Villalovos
The racist KAMALA
Trump is the king of the swamp
dennis coates
Only ones that care are the fucking coward bitch moron news people. So fuck off stop wasting tax payer money
Robert Adams
No middle class,people that have regular day jobs.I can't talk for the upperclass.
Nobody wants to see that Dinner.
A bunch of millionaires in power living up the fancy life.
Just like the Grammys or Oscars.
I think people can really care less about that "Dinner ".
Marie Gunn
The White House Correspondent's dinner should be abolished all together, why have it? For a bunch of journalists who are not good journalists !
WOW! The new women's prison uniforms are out, they are even big enough for Suckabee.
Dorrene M
DON'T GO AWAY MAD......JUST GO AWAY!!! LIKE TO THE RE-EMERGING USSR or AZERBAIJAN (Trump's already errected whorehouse)!
Coffy Mix
The MSM had their feelings hurt,
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Donald Trump Says Mueller Trump skips White House 2 days ago   06:14

After saying the Mueller report fully exonerated him, President Trump is now disputing some key facts. Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice Elliot Williams, and NBC News Contributor Charlie Savage join Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi to fact-check some of the president’s recent comments.
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Donald Trump Says Mueller Probe Was ‘An Attempted Overthrow’ Of The Gov’t | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC