*NEW* 60 Gallon AQUARIUM for PLATINUM BLACK TAR WATER FISH in NEW POND!! 2 days ago   10:01

Paul Cuffaro
My friend Joey gave me a 60 gallon Fish Tank for FREE and we set it up for My NEW $2000 Redtail Catfish coming soon...

PC MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: https://paulcuffarobrand.com
Clothing Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paulcuffarobrand/

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Joey Slay Em: https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HP4Ci2_k9BTuOFbr1Eg_H5VD
Brandon Jordan: https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPydk4iLCSRXMQ-v6IpY3dfj

Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii

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juan thepeanut
Hey Paul, I love what you’re doing but I was wondering if you could take it my oscar fish, I don’t really have time for him and he hasn’t really been eating. I don’t know what to do and I’m positive he’ll be happy with your and your fish family. Please respond when you see this. I’ll be glad to send pics or whatever you need.
wolfman09 a.k.a.wyatt white
Duh itz Olivia
5:41 why did you have to blur out the name on to the store?
Carlos Torres
I Ben watching your videos for a wile love them can I please win the tank
Darryn Alverson
Hey please shout me I think u should have a few million subs keep up the good work
maxrocet_960 tc
Jon 710
Looks like Jordan gotta jump in that 69gal
instead of doing a giant warehouse that would break up all the land you have why not just get a greenhouse that you can build your own?it would be plenty big and you dont need to hire people to pour concrete, maybe just a good electrician
you blake ,franklin,joey,zack and nick should do a challange where you have to design the best fish tank and put 4 fish in it and have rod decide the winner!
you franklin ,zack ,blake,predatory,and joey should team up on a channel and do fish challanges on the channel and buy a property and raise exotic fish and other animals just a thought
Anas Ziad
You make the best vids
Dimitar Akrabov
soutanw itws umven!!!!!!
Better cycle the filter before risking those red tails...
Kevin Dexter Sison
Hi paul, im from PH I learn a lot watching your videos, keep it up I can' t wait to see does platinums🙂
The Green Witch Homestead
I love it when some of the other Youtubers i watch show up. You are living the life !!
Jarrett Tindle
all millenials speak like they're on a disney show
Jarrett Tindle
i give him a year or less before he's a full blown junkie like taylor dean
Jarrett Tindle
comment section is whacker than these pointless fish abuse tutorials
Most natural looking decor in a tank so far. Man you just keep killin it! Awesome Paul!
Alessandro Giron
Please put natural plants
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BLACK TAR WATER FISH in NEW POND!! *NEW* 60 Gallon AQUARIUM for PLATINUM 2 days ago   11:03


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