Mocking Up Our ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE Turbo Truck THE SKID FACTORY - RB30E+T Holden 2 days ago   18:32

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This was a lot of fun! So Many ideas its like wrangling a herd of cats! We are definitely going to need some help from you guys to get this thing done! We are gathering parts and Gaining support day by day! This does take a bunch of time and resources, sometimes it pays to be a hoarder!! I can't wait to get it together and be tearing up the streets! LOJ just sent me the renderings of the adapter a bit too late to make it to this video but it is SICK!! What do you guys think of a Dale truck showdown?
We haven't abandoned Uncle Sam the motor is being built as we speak!
More stuff coming up til the legend and the LS3 Miata!

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Engine covers- Robert Ralph, Doug Chilton, Joe Cangialose
that s10 on air ride would be absolutely stunning with the wide stance you guys have amazing choice in cars/pickup i really look forward to seeing this complete plus i have a few design ideas for the headlights and grille that would set it off
all the best guys keep the content rolling
Hydro-Boost or electric booster would save a SHIT TON of space...
Thankyou for explaining in a way someone who doesn't do this for a living or hobby can understand.
Reckless Gaming
Clinchedflares will help you
i rendered up something that looks like what you are aiming for in the s-10 group on facebook. i compared it to another rendering of a dastun truck from 3DMagicMike i tried the fenders on the 95 and 85 body style. if you want i can send you the images i made
Dirty D's RC
I like it.
MJM’s Workshop
Need to find a 4x4 s10 frame to swap under it.
Kirk Armstrong
that is a 69 or 70 c10
Austin Ping
You can get a rocket bunny type flare from duraflex I believe for about 1200, way cheaper then actually getting it name brand, still looks good but may require some work to look perfect
Joe Hay Tyler
Awesome man sorta the same as I’m doing but mines Nissan and rb powered haha. Can’t wait to see it rip👍👍
Peter Pan
Why don’t you make it a mid engine?🧐🤷‍♂️
Jimmy Thing
Name that truck Ed more sugar lmao
gary allen
Liked for the men in black reference. Truck looks great.
dark metallic green and call it 'snot rocket'
Kris Marshall
Man, this is gonna be bad ass when it's done. I can't wait to see how it turns out on the track!
nathan plath
Hydro brake setup will give u little more room
Tommy Danger
This is going to be fun. I’m curious how you will be converting to awd and look forward to seeing the details.
Robert Proteau
I think it would be really cool if you guys would have done a rear mount turbo setup to keep it sleeper looking.
Jake Wallace
Clinched flares
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THE SKID FACTORY - RB30E+T Holden Mocking Up Our ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE Turbo Truck 2 days ago   20:00

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