MARTIN: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED Actors No One Wants to Work With 2 days ago   08:55

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Omni J.
Why Patricia look like Tisha Campbell though????
Tichina Arnold is Beautiful in my opinion.
ninqi ogagun
Apparently tisha left because he apparently kissed her with tongue
He said he was soft and years that soft ass niggas known to mess around sexually with Will Smith lmao Martin was right lmao
Jesse Logan
Jade Jester
martin was on that shit 😂 no cap
Gody X
He wasn't "obsessed " with Gina..they had a DOPE version of black love....
What ever happened to the re-boot? Only the rumors about it
ShaynaBayna EST
Memories! Along with living single 😩 moesha, one on one, Steve Harvey show etc what a time it was before social media took over interesting how things have changed and technology has evolved
Dionna Allen
Tisha was kinda blushing when she was talking about martin
firstname lastname
Omgggg Jerome lol
Carolyn Gilbert
I watch it and still laugh like i never seen it 😂😂
Black Sheep
I’m I the only one still waiting for the show to come back on the air??
frederick ifill
Martin was messing with both of them Gina and Pam not just Gina
Lindane Mnguni
Look now Gina is the one getting a defoce and Martin Lawrence getting married

I still have all Martin show session
Lisa Robinson
Why shade the Cosby show? #wack
that dang gabbie
It drove me wild trying to figure out how/why the pretty one was portrayed as Gina’s sidekick.

Definitely should’ve been the other way around
Martin Matsemela
My favourite show back in the day
Daaaaaamn Gina! Lmao was fun while it lasted.
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Actors No One Wants to Work With MARTIN: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED 2 days ago   10:16

There are plenty of nice, good-hearted actors out there, and then there are some mean, difficult, downright rude ones as well. This video will focus on the latter type, and some of the names on this list may surprise you. From a Christmas vacationer to a versatile, ever-changing, morphable method actor or two, these actors are some of the most challenging to work alongside. Sit back, get comfy, and get ready for our list of Actors No One Wants to Work With!

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4. Dustin Hoffman
Much like Edward Norton, Dustin Hoffman is reportedly a perfectionist and insists on doing things the way he sees them being done. The actor shot up to fame way back in 1967 with The Graduate, but that was nowhere near his first acting gig. Hoffman had been a stage actor for some time before the role came along and even tried to suppress his own fame following the critically acclaimed movie. He turned down multiple roles and directors in order to ensure his star wouldn’t get too big; however, not long after, he got a bunch of parts in successful films, and his star became bright anyway. It’s been said that Hoffman can be difficult and a “chore” to work with as his perfectionism got in the way of rationality. He would apparently demand scenes be reshot if he didn’t like them and there were shouting matches between him and director Sydney Pollack, which is pretty common knowledge. He’s a great actor, but even the greats can lose respect by being difficult to work with.

3. Russell Crowe
Good old Rusty has starred in and made appearances in a slew of great movies since he began acting way back in the 1970s. Think A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, and Les Miserables. But this New Zealander is pretty notorious for not being the nicest guy in the business, although it hasn’t seemed to affect his career all that much. He once reportedly called producer, Branko Lustig, in the dead of night and said some not so very nice things. He’s belittled interviewers, had outbursts, and supposedly gotten into spats on set; however, there’s no tangible proof to back the claims. He did once treat a new interviewer terribly on the red carpet of a movie premiere—an interviewer who just so happened to be a young Giuliana Rancic. She opened up about it and let it be known that Crowe was her meanest celebrity interview ever.

2. Alec Baldwin
Well, this is no big surprise to anybody. Alec Baldwin has made headlines for what seems like forever for being quite the mean guy. He’s another one of those celebs that seem to survive their bad reputation and continue to get work, though. He’s done many things off set that should have derailed his career, like freaking out on a flight attendant when she asked him to shut off his phone. Or the time he threw insults at a photographer and hit another. Or when he told a reporter he’d like to choke her and hit another reporter with his bike. Maybe the drunken voicemail he left for his young daughter comes to mind? He’s also reported to be pretty bad on set as well. While filming 30 Rock, he would complain about pointless things, yell and berate the cast and crew, and show up late without a care in the world. He’s hard to work with, and many don’t like him, so how has he survived so long?