MARTIN: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED You Won’t Believe How Badly Tisha 2 days ago   08:55

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Brittany Bennett
So everyone just going to ignore that Martin abused his wife & daughter, assaulted people with a weapon, basically went fucking crazy and had multiple meltdowns and had sexual harrassment filed on him. Naw everythings good just because Tisha for whatever inane reason is smiling with him in a video. Ok. I can't handle the stupidity I'm out.
William Gravely
"Remember The Time" episode when they were discussing how they first met; the scene when Gina fainted and Martin rotated that platform show across her. I was so done😂😂😂
William Gravely
The boxing episode with Hitman Hearnes when he was stuck in the wall😂😂😂
Mz Magic
In retrospect you can see that Tisha marrying Duane was her worst move ever.
I'm not buying that Martin sexually harrassed Tisha Campbell. Her husband was jealous of their chemistry and that was the downfall.
CHICO DA1UH8 Jones.. ..😂😂😂😂
Tiara Mayo's COLE.
Shyanne Anthony
He said, "Pack up Ya Camel and let's go!!!" 😂😂😂 Martin had the best roast on Pam.
Damn!!! His wife look just like gina
The bad bitch curve at 4:38 😂😂😂
Kenneth Smith
I really miss Tommy rip my bro
Marvin King
When you have seen all of his shows and still can't miss an old show. That's legendary! Martin-How y'all feeling??
Damn it look like Martin was a horny little dog on set 😂😂
Gina did got a hell of a body though!! And a nice BIG round firm booty👍
Q&C Carter
Born in 84 Growing up in the 90s was the best!
Ron DayVoo
Would have been nice to have mentioned that Lawrnce CLEARLY aped his style from Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. Don’t bring back the show though please, it would seem desperate.
Jeff Wyatt
Jerome was my best
Gerard Parker
Uff dig at the Cosby show at the end.
What is that song that keeps playing in the background?
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You Won’t Believe How Badly Tisha MARTIN: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED 2 days ago   03:42

The on-going battle between Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin continues to get messier by the minute.

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