Mystery Prison Escape Challenge!! Last One To Fall Asleep WINS 6 months ago   11:50

Cam and Jeff
Escape from the GIANT puzzle box. EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!! 3 different levels. Whoever escapes fastest wins!!

DONT Open the Wrong Pokeball:


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Dean Caraveo
Dan has 21m subs
Dean Caraveo
Dantdm better
Dean Caraveo
I haaaaate it
Jennifer Baird
Caiden-Lee Lewis-Davies
RIP key
Kelly Hoadley
Poor Jeff his brothers are mean to him
carrie lewis
You guys are the best and I love you sooooo much your sooo funny and creative and it’s amazing how great you are!! I love you guys soooo much and you guys make me smile even when I feel like crying❤️ without you guys YouTube would not be where it is right now you guys make everybody smile brighter than the sunnnn❤️😛 I know you won’t reply but I just wanted you to know that you are amazing and all your subs love you and most of all I do❤️❤️😁😁😁😘 stay as funny as you are right now always pleaseee❤️ thank you for making me smile everyday of my life🤗
Simply Niqua
Y'all cheated Jeff
Cassandra Ayala
It's so funny that you forgot the key chris😂
Red Yoshi
3:21 are you trying to make a reference to Team 🚀
Samantha Rush
Zulaa Galt
Michael B. Stuart
N. The
Animation Kid
PLS PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chicken Grease
Chris: escapes in 9min and 44 sec
Jeff: that's pretty sucky
*Jeff proceeds to get 14 min and 44 sec more*
Brian Fahning
Poor Jeffrey 😢 edit:can you please have some likes I never get any except for one for me 2 edit:1463
Espen Nordtomme
Kan alle abonnere på YouTube kanalen min
Luandri Le Grange
1like=Help jeff🤗😂
Luandri Le Grange
Poor jeff
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Last One To Fall Asleep WINS Mystery Prison Escape Challenge!! 6 months ago   28:33

This challenge was so hard and I AM SO SURPRISED ON WHO WON AT THE END!
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