A Miracle Dog Rescue During Terrible Earl Is Finally Off Parole | Pit Bulls 2 weeks ago   07:51

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During floods in Louisiana, Tia comes across a dog who was rescued, but separated from her owner. After finding out that the owner's other dog is still missing, Tia gets a text from someone who may be able to help reunite the family...

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Judith Boltz
These shelters must take in these innocent animals too.
Shelbie Bradford
I was so sad when I heard her name was missy my old dog that passed names was missy and she was my best friend😢
when ya see a pokemon go sign and wonder how the heck it still exists
Deb Brandt
Awesome recovery,thank God!
Hannya Rodriguez Quintero
Id go crazy if i lost my goofball. God bless you all ❤️
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
The waggy tails and Suzanne's happiness at the end makes it such a wonderful, I really hope the family can recover as well as the everyone who got caught up in that flooding. Tia and her team deserve all support they can get, good luck from Australia.
Lorry Thornhill
I use to be terrified of pit bulls until my sons girlfriend had 4pits dogged was large pit bull thought he was a lap dog. I fell in love with. But her uncle want him back. I really do miss him. I have a chowpoo and a chawwa.
Vivi Vivi
I love Anita's positive attitude
Dazzling Chong
You rescuers are simply amazing! Thank you for your mission and love!
I..Im not crying, you are..stop cutting onions! awwwa...thats a happy story!
AWESOME! There is a book that touched my heart based on these stories, you can check here: #mylifeamongunderdogs
Pretty Much Being Ada
This is so wonderful.
I’m not crying. Nope!
Jodie Gibbs
Jodie Gibbs
Stank you for shearing the story 😼🙀😸
m. m.
Bless you 😘💕 for doing
Love is always right, no matter what. Huge respect.
Awesome Alondra
My heart 💔❤💔
David Chadwick
That’s a great woman
Tammy Huennerkopf
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Earl Is Finally Off Parole | Pit Bulls A Miracle Dog Rescue During Terrible 2 weeks ago   03:06

Earl is finally off parole and his Villalobos family - and family-family - couldn't be happier! Watch his loved ones come together to surprise and celebrate him. | For more Pit Bulls and Parolees, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/pitbulls-and-parolees/#mkcpgn=ytapl1

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