A Miracle Dog Rescue During Terrible Earl Is Finally Off Parole | Pit Bulls 6 months ago   07:51

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During floods in Louisiana, Tia comes across a dog who was rescued, but separated from her owner. After finding out that the owner's other dog is still missing, Tia gets a text from someone who may be able to help reunite the family...

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Erika Rodriguez
When humans with big heart help mirscles happens o yes! 💝
Angel Doemer
CRYING SO HARD RIGHT NOW....I just can not imagine.
Nola Girl
Go Trevor!
aww he got spend the time had left with his mummy and brother xx
Sam Russell
Stop making me cry! But please do keep up the amazing work that you all do!
Diane Gamber
Miracle for sure!
Kenna Arthur
I love u guys I’ve been watching u since I was nine
Kyra Sullivan
I love these people they are amazing 💜💜
Tracie Attword
I love these people they care so much about the dogs . :-)
Kyra Sullivan
Mama Mize
Tia, y'all give me hope for the future. After we are gone it will be up to our children to love and give of themselves. You have raised your kids to be the same saviors for animals and people and I have raised mine to respect and cherish our furry best friends and to give everything they can to help. I hope I have done just a 1/4 as well with mine as you have with yours. Bless you and yours, all 2 legged and 4 legged.
Kyra Sullivan
Aww how sweet the dog is getting reunited with his family and his dog
Kyra Sullivan
Why do people want to dump their dog The pit bulls don’t need to be dump they are family don’t just give up their dogs I just don’t get it just make me sad when people just leave their dog on the side of the road so pit bulls can just starve themselves and they can die from starve to death that just makes me mad when people don’t want their dogs anymore it just how pit bulls are the most under stand breed dogs in the world I just feel bad for them 😔😢😭😭😭😢😭😭😰😥😓😐😪😵🤧🥵🥺
White Pelt Cat
When I saw the dogs reuniting, I just wanted to run up to Tia and hug her so much. I think we all know it; animals are stronger than humans. They can save us, because there are therapy animals, there are search dogs, and they have all saved us. They have been our friends since 0000bc
BTS _ Serenity
Dammit who’s cutting the onions again
Mariah Guzman
Love yall i have been waching you since i was 2
Melissa Coludrovich
it beautiful story
Kiah Riggs
I literally almost cried 😭
Omar Andres
I just get bad vibes I’m not saying there bad people but I’m just getting fake news types of vibes
Etta Eskridge
God, I love this show!!
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Earl Is Finally Off Parole | Pit Bulls A Miracle Dog Rescue During Terrible 6 months ago   03:06

Earl is finally off parole and his Villalobos family - and family-family - couldn't be happier! Watch his loved ones come together to surprise and celebrate him. | For more Pit Bulls and Parolees, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/pitbulls-and-parolees/#mkcpgn=ytapl1

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