A Miracle Dog Rescue During Terrible Earl Is Finally Off Parole | Pit Bulls 3 months ago   07:51

Animal Planet
During floods in Louisiana, Tia comes across a dog who was rescued, but separated from her owner. After finding out that the owner's other dog is still missing, Tia gets a text from someone who may be able to help reunite the family...

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ItzJada _
Me: Sobbing , thinking that Jerico was gone

Me: Happy cause Jerico is alive

Me: Sobbing again from seeing what state the owners in
Teamwork!!! It's something i always say helps make the dream work!!
That Girl Karyn
i’m currently crying and ruining the makeup i spent two hours on
EAT OR STARVE lover Lover
thankyou trevor
Rin Lockhart
A literal miracle.
My God I never cried harder when we found put she still has both of her dogs. And how hard that tail was wagging when the two met again
forest princess
ok wow looking at Suzanne's condition I now understand why she's physically couldn't pull anything out of the waters
forest princess
Trevor a real MVP
forest princess
can't the people who got flooded have house insurance?? just buy a new house elsewhere??
forest princess
what do you mean couldn't find him when he jumped out? a dogs going to make a splash! i know i would've grabbed on the dog by the neck and get him out!! i've seen people do that when they rescue dogs out of water
A Logical Girl Once said
I value dogs lives more than human lives
Kyra Sullivan
I love Tia
Kyra Sullivan
I like how tia saves dogs
Kyra Sullivan
Wow that’s sad
Kyra Sullivan
I love you animal planet for what you do for dogs
Kyra Sullivan
Thank you animal planet for what you do 😃
Kyra Sullivan
I wish I could go to New Orleans to meet tia and her kids
Kyra Sullivan
This makes me cry 😢 how people treat their dog this way pit bulls are the most mist undestsnd dogs ever
Kyra Sullivan
Kyra Sullivan
I love this show because they rescues dogs
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Earl Is Finally Off Parole | Pit Bulls A Miracle Dog Rescue During Terrible 3 months ago   03:06

Earl is finally off parole and his Villalobos family - and family-family - couldn't be happier! Watch his loved ones come together to surprise and celebrate him. | For more Pit Bulls and Parolees, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/pitbulls-and-parolees/#mkcpgn=ytapl1

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