LIVE: Theresa May gives evidence Theresa May: Speech to Conservative 2 days ago   1:32:35

LIVE: Theresa May gives evidence to MPs of the Liaison Committee.

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Joy Synmonds
End the Uncertainty?
We the public, got it right - it is YOU who has CAUSED uncertainty,
And divison in your Party, in the country, and almost in the EU.
Ted Jess
She thinks he does but he don’t
eastland Kohsamui
Mrs.may piss off
Ted Jess
She is in mumble now she trying to get out of it
Ted Jess
You are still lies lies and lies to us again and again lies again
Ted Jess
Time has be lost you mess about with it
Ted Jess
You not doing that your lies lies to us again and again
Ted Jess
You let’s me down again and again out now
billy jenkins
bullshit your the only one thats keeping us in
Andrew Thomas
It’s British electorates policy to leave unemcombered by the EU ...nothing less is exceptable
Andrew Thomas
Shes through and through an EU plant
Andrew Thomas
Mays so called deal is not exceptable to the electorate....we left the eu legally on the 29 th March .......the public will leave with or without Westminster ..legally and democratically
David Hargreaves
The most amazing thing is she is STILL PM!!...I cannot get my head around it......
How does she know the public want us to do cross party talks that is a pure lie, I cannot look at this woman she makes me phsically want to vomit
pega1 ag
It wot the British pepole wont thay wont out how hard is it to say good bye EU
pega1 ag
She has no clue it's like day one .no whear
pega1 ag
Why do you ancer a question with a question I am sorry to say you must leve so do the uk
pega1 ag
He eats well outher cant
pega1 ag
Pepole are dying because of your stupidity we all know the gov wont to stay in EU if we get out we are 5 billion better of
We don't want a deal, We want OUT!
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Theresa May: Speech to Conservative LIVE: Theresa May gives evidence 2 days ago   1:06:24