I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's Mr AMG on Lambo’s Urus! The Good, the bad, 4 months ago   19:12

My cheap salvage auction Audi R8 had one flaw, and that's a cracked front frame and an estimated repair cost of almost $30,000. We fix it now for way cheaper than any body shop would have.

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Sick videos man. Loved watching this project. Also, go bolts!
Julien MR
Seriously... You do 2 things in this video: use a hammer and break the windshield (which is more than 500$ anyway, so proves your video title is a big lie in itself), and spray some primer. You'd better let the professionals work ;)
I’ve also spent two full days of ‘tugging it and beating it’.
Sweeps Sweeps
12:49 que sweet home Alabama~😂😂
Misused Punctu-ation
All Americans please note, it’s aluminium and not aluminum. You say it how it’s spelt! Not difficult really 😂
Big Shasta
So, this was essentially a mechanical failure of a part the manufacturer designed. Meaning it didn't get damaged in an accident, it just failed due to poor design. Like say an engine blowing up or a trans going out way before it should. Since when does an insurance company pay for those types of things? Shouldn't this have been on Audi to fix or buyback? Why can't anyone with a Toyota truck that has a rotted frame just get the ins to total it, the OEM failed to design it so it wouldn't rust prematurely? I can imagine my ins company if I called them and said (for example, this common problem) my engine in my 1997 grand am has leaking intake gaskets because GM used dexcool and it ate the gaskets. I'd like you to pay for the repair. They would laugh and hang up. How is this different?
Joseph Otterbach
Rob the welder, can he fix it, rob the welder ,yes he can!!!!!
Amazing at how hard you have to hit something to cause that much damage.
I do find it a bit amusing all the bantering of folks worried about the shock tower and it the repair being safe. The car was obviously NOT safe before the repair - FROM THE FACTORY. I'd like to see him track the car or do some DEs and show after results.
Hey Samcrac when the welding was done with a tig welder did you have any issues with any of electrical modules I’m a Bodyman and we are told we can’t use tig welders because of the high frequency start but we weld aluminum with a pro spot mig welder I ask because I haven’t found any information any where providing that we can’t weld with a tig but everyone at my dealership and instructors from I-CAR say we can’t, we mig weld all our joints where we splice the panels in I didn’t hear you say you had any problems we always disconnected the battery for safety on steel and the aluminum trucks but was just wondering thanks for posting
Ryan Bertoldi
Crazy @tjhunt could repair an aluminum square-tube Ferrari 458 front end on the super cheap from pros, sourcing used parts..and yet, here you are hacking away with cheap welds. I get it's a "road car" , but the stupid factored into this fix is a bit overwhelming here.
No frame apparatus? How do you know the car is straight?
I'm not a mechanic or have much experience repairing cars, but this doesn't look safe at all. You didn't do a full disassembly or whatever to check the full damages in the engine. You just "repaired" the only visible damage you saw. I think the more you reveal, the more issues you'll find. I could be completely wrong. Hope everything worked out.
Area 11
This is actually the worst car repair I've seen. Never put this on the road.....
Was anyone else waiting for him to hit the glass or rip that hole open? 😢
I would have been done for the day. 😤
what dad
your a fucking idiot
I wonder if any measurements were made to make sure things were... square?
Reneil Jazon Billones
I think its not worth it tho it runs and still have a good paint job u still have to buy parts of the car that is expensive and u have to work to fix it and it takes time and tiring maybe if you go buy in copart i suggest to buy a brand new car
Matias Martin
7:07 reminds me of Electroboom lol
The Spiciest Meme Lord
Man i love this Video
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Mr AMG on Lambo’s Urus! The Good, the bad, I Repaired My Totaled Audi R8's 4 months ago   39:40

Special Effects inbound! Here’s Lamborghini’s return to SUV’s with the infamous new Urus!!

Some of you may not know, but Lamborghini was originally a successful tractor company, Lamborghini Trattori owned by engineer and petrolhead Ferruccio Lamborghini! So we’re going to delve a bit into the history of Lambo, their first car, the first SUV, the LM002, and everything significant that leads up to the Urus!!

The Urus’ origins must also be explored. Lamborghini is a small company in an of itself, but now It of course belongs to the VAG group, so where as a sole entity it could likely not withstand the development costs of such a new niche, it can instead benefit from much of the tech available across the group. So the Urus is built on a shared platform with the Audi Q7/Q8, Porsche Cayenne, and the Bentley Bentayga. We’ll explore all those components along with Lambo’s first ever turbo engine (But it’s Audis, and used by Porsche too!).

In this review we explore:

- History of Lamborghini- Comparisons to Cheetah and LM02
- The Concept Estoque factor
- A super saloon version
- Exterior Design language
- Other variants: Urus SV / SVJ / performante
- Interior design
- The Audi Q8 factor
- Exhaust sound
- Performance driving
- Comfort driving

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