Allen Hurns Gruesome Ankle SUPER BOWL XLIX - Patriots 6 months ago   02:24

Allen Hurns Gruesome Ankle Injury: Seahawks vs. Cowboys Wild Card. Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Allen Hurns snapped his ankle in half in the first quarter of the Playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. The Broken leg or ankle looks very similar to the injury Tyler Lockett suffered a couple years ago, and to the fracture Washing Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered earlier this season.


We can only hope that Hurns will be okay after sustaining such a serious looking injury during this NFL wild card playoff game. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas also broke his ankles week 4 or 5 of this season when playing the Arizona Cardinals. Seahawks kicker Sebastian Janikowski appeared to suffer a thigh or hamstring injury right before halftime.

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I was therw
lauren firstraised
Mario&Luigifan 101
Aiiiieeeee Good lord!
William Ogden
All this parental control stuff that the NFL is doing is straight horse shit. Parental control is usually shit even when it's done with snot-nose little kids but the NFL even tries to pull that crap with grown adults. All this lying and hiding the truth from people nonsense needs to stop. Show the goddamn replays.
Guy Black
Not sure why anyone feels the need to announce their allegiance before adding a fake ass β€œPrayers for Hurns”. If you care all that much, step outside of that football shit for a moment.

β€œAs a Buccaneers fan” -irrelevant information
β€œI just wanna say prayers for ...”- overused disingenuous quote
Cody Weathers
Pray for Aileen hreans
Dakota S
You mentioning them holding ontl the ball reminds me of Zach Miller holding onto the ball whilst his leg is being bent the opposite direction and then getting the TD taken away from him
Just for that hope cowboy make it to super bowl
Sean Sturgill
I think they were premature with the stretcher and ambulance. I think they should have put him on the exercise bike for a few minutes to see if he could work it off.
Scott Hall
His foot is facing strait up when he flips on his stomach
ElItE LeGeNd Of LiFe!!!
For some strange reason, I saw it live and you couldn't really tell live, but the moment I saw the tackler go low, I just had the instinct to look away not even knowing it was gonna be a terrible injury. I have been watching too much football
Bossk 619
Even if your a Seahawks fan and are mad that we beat you pray for Hurts this is bad
scientific Fact : use of Steroids weakens bones
Look baby
It's because of the type of tackle that was used. Grab the ball carrier by the upper body and then hang from them while you throw your body across his legs. If the legs don't break, try again on the next tackle. New rules are needed!
Kevin Wilson
Dirty mutha fucka
Marcelo B
Steange coincidence... Doesnt the word Perna mean Leg?
Winde Marshall
It's good to know that I'm not the only person who thought the Fox commentators did a horrible job of updating us on his injury during the game. Several times they talked about other injured players, but I never even heard them utter his name after he left the game. You just have to shake your head at that one.
Bears fan. Praying for Hurns and the cowboys.
Cory Reed
Go broncos
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SUPER BOWL XLIX - Patriots Allen Hurns Gruesome Ankle 6 months ago   19:14

February 1, 2015 - Tom Brady leads the Patriots on 2 TD drives leading to a 28-24 lead late in the 4th Quarter of Super Bowl 49. However, in the last drive of the game, Russell Wilson drives the Seahawks all the way down to the Patriots 1 yard line with a couple of clutch completions and an unbelievable catch by WR Jermaine Kearse. However, on 2nd & Goal from the 1, Patriots CB Malcolm Butler intercepts Wilson sealing the Patriots Super Bowl win and the 4th title in the Brady-Belichick era.

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