Here's Why The 2019 Toyota RAV4 2019 Mazda CX-5 - The New Performance 1 week ago   19:40

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Dr Ankit Panigrahi India
How much did Toyota pay you? You need to stop acting like a greedy twat dug. Toyota is reliable so I may agree with you but you should have said some cons about this car too!
Garrus Vakarian
almost worst screen ever
florin diaconu
That cheap plastic piece that splits the rear pillar is enough on its own to make me not wanna own one... Yeesh
Philly Phil
looks like one of the modern Jeeps. think its the base model Cherokee, which actually sells extremely well around here. can't throw a rock without hitting one.
Mohamed AL-Aathamy
Lol it looks like the old xtrail
Myron Helton
These 2019 vehicles have new engines, giving the Honda engine a very slight nod in the equal weight cars only... Toyota vehicles have a bigger 2.5 engine, over the Hondas smaller 2.0 engine. But a "SMALL Civic" 2.0 engine in a "550 POUND HEAVIER" Honda CRV suv would be too weak in the city, but great on the highway. The CRV is even more sicker with an automatic The Civic & CRV are on the same width frame, but the CRV is 550 pounds heavier than a Civic. For the first time, the Civic is as wide as the Accord & CRV. The Rav 4 is the only suv that is no heavier than a Camry car, with both vehicles having the same bigger 2.5 engine. If you want a car, the Honda would be best. If you want a suv, the Toyota would be best. First choice, buy a 2019 shorter 2 door Civic 2.0, 6 speed manual. Second choice only get a 2019 Rav 4, only comes with automatic, (still better than the CRV with a 6 speed manual transmission). Third choice if you prefer a 6 speed in a suv, get a CRV with a 6 speed manual transmission. Never get a cvt transmission, a 6 cylinder, a 1.5 Honda engine, a turbo, nor a hybrid,
Zan Chen
Mid-size SUV is getting bigger and bigger In size
Larry Switzer
The Forester is a far better option. Also the camera based eyesight system ( which is standard) is better than a sonar based system like this thing has
Diego German
This plastic piece in C Pilar has introduced by Brazilian Chevrolet Agile!
PHANTOM MEDIA - Cars, RCs, and Lego Technic
I won a RAV4, but ended up trading it in for a BRZ lol
Rick 7
The best rav4 actually does shoot a nuke at the terrorist chasing it when you press the sos
Rusty Beatty
This vehicle is a POS it’s not a true SUV it’s a Crossover utility vehicle a true SUV is rear wheel drive like the 2020 Ford Explorer is and also has AWD as a option to. Give the good old days of the Ford Excursion and the Chevrolet Suburban these are the best SUV’s ever made because they have the largest cargo space and best leg room for all passengers and could tow a good size boat or travel trailer that you could do serious camping in for days or weeks at a time.
DJ Yoes
13:36 I'm not surprised almost all the car models get bigger, look at the early Nissan Maxima and compare it to the Nissan Versa in size and look at the Maxima now. You can do that with pretty much any model they have made for a while.
Owen Landauer
I like a tailgate that lets me slam it in manual mode
androcles x
You didn’t even show the front of the car once wtf
Nick S
my 08 rav 4 died at 137k and it didnt have any warning lights on :( motor threw a rod and cracked the engine block
Matt Buffo
7:22 That's entirely possible, turn off climate control not driven by the battery as much as possible while in sport mode to improve performance. Dumb idea tho.
The Sticky Piston
Doug should design his own car for fun and may put a prototype into production
Fresh Channel
It alot of safety features
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2019 Mazda CX-5 - The New Performance Here's Why The 2019 Toyota RAV4 1 week ago   15:57

Mazda's CX-5 has been one of the best handling crossovers, one of the most dynamic crossovers, one of the best values, and one of the best looking crossovers for some time. But, one thing it hasn't been is terribly swift. That's all changing with the addition of Mazda's new 2.5L turbocharged engine under the hood. Borrowed from the larger CX-9, the 250 horsepower engine makes the CX-5 one of the most powerful compact CUVs in America.

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