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Welcome to Abuja
Tourism in Abuja

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Julia Smith
I liked this. :)
Nippy V. Houston
Abuja is better than this....it's an old video anyway.
the most faster growing city in the word abuja
Nohelys Salazar
quiero ir abuja quien Me invita :)
Love Sex
AM FROM NIGERIAN truly I hate this video why they build this type of thing in northern Areal which their people never contribute anything to Nigerian rather than killing innocent people. weather Yoruba or Hausa people like it there will be BIAFRA ONE ONE DAY
Fouad Hatim
Nigeria is progressing
I visited Nigeria and took a trip to Abuja when the city was newly under construction. It was nice even then! You should be very proud!!!
Tatz4 Mog
must visit
Carl H
Why does most of Lagos not look like this.
What is meant by "the first made African capital"? Is it because it has nothing to do with colonizers?
Jacob Oyeleke
i hate this
2:05 Stayed there during the summer for 3 weeks
Praveen Sriram
Great video. Thanks! This video was posted in October 2008. Is the city as good as shown in the video 7 1/2 years later or has globalization pollution
taken its toll?
lia partel
I was in Nigeria last year....abuja looks nice here, but it looks waaay better now....TRUST.
Dustin Weddle
I just came from Abuja, and it is nothing like this...
King of Somalia
Nigeria, pride of africa
Thierno Bah
I am a Guinean leaving in the UK. What I found is most of the westerners actually don't know the real Africa. They rely on the images that BBC show them about Africa, extreme poverty, while that is also Africa but it is not all, in fact it's only 5% of what it is Africa. There is more to know. I think it is done purposely to bad market Africa. BBC and similar channels must not be allowed in Africa. Well done Nigeria- excellent progress
طيباوي الطيباوي
I am a Nigerian but I was born in Saudi Arabia but I love my country and change for her and defend her and I wish our new President wishes to achieve and to achieve what we wish for our beloved country and we want to be the country's tourist country on the world Mistoa
Lover Boy
that was sweet Nigeria, now is brutal, Boko Haram take over
Gerhard van Niekerk
"First African made city." is that why it is so small?
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Abuja the capital city of Nigeria About Abuja Nigeria 2 days ago   14:40

Abuja is Nice, quite & comfortable it has the Most Beautiful parks and green spaces. It has the best Residential Estates in Africa, Abuja is the most beautiful city in Nigeria.