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► The Queen greeted 15 world leaders, including Donald Trump, at an event in Portsmouth to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day. She was introduced to them by Prime Minister Theresa May. Each represented the allied nations that took part in D-Day. Here was the list in full:

US: President Trump
France: President Macron
Germany: Chancellor Merkel
Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau
Australia: Prime Minister Morrison
Belgium: Prime Minister Michel
Czech Republic: Prime Minister Babiš
Greece: President Pavlopoulos
Luxembourg; Prime Minister Bettel
Netherlands: Prime Minister Rutte
Norway: Prime Minister Solberg
Poland: Prime Minister Morawiecki
Slovakia: Deputy Prime Minister Raši
Denmark: Danish Ambassador Thuesen
New Zealand: Governor General Reddy

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Justice1 Justice1
Embarrassing to congratulate any one like is win war with no Russians ( shameful 👎)
Ferdinand The Bull
Yeah everyone bow and crawl for these so called royals who are way above the rest of us. Guess they don't have a tv showing millions of people starving around the world!!! Royal parasites!!
Louis Spiga
Rebuke them with the blood of Jesus Christ amen.
Louis Spiga
There's your new world order!gathering of devils literally?hell must be empty!
Paquita Lizcano Flores
Me encantat ver estas ceremonias reales
andy georgiou
Being fair Teresa May carried out her duty to our Monarch extremely well!
andy georgiou
Epic, I’m a sucker pomp
Doreen Lockey
Soccer aid for unicef(2019) on tv most enjoyable your all winners with a heart of gold
graham newton
From Australia: I'm surprised the Queen didn't puke after shaking hands with our accidental PM, a nasty, sheisty so called Christian man and a creep who declared war on the poor years ago
ppl v ppl
Why the lider from Germany is there?
Susanne Wuthrich
Did anyone take the time to analyse the handshakes?
katrina crown
Why so much fuss over her.  Looks like a lovely person  but really what has she really ever done  . Just given a title  but hard work should  get recognition and wealth  .Half  the UK can't feed it self but she lives in bucking huge palace   and has others to choose from. Come on people wake up.  I bet the vet's didn't get this well treated that day or lived such a life
shams almass
Iwant to say to youtub that you are grate and i love you so much and i ask you to make the voice a bit louder ,i can not hear well,thaks.
Christoph Kiener
Let's also remember 20 million people from Soviet Union states who died during WW2, many of them also in military service. What a pity that their families from Ukraine, Russia Turkmenistan, Kasachstan, Usbekistan, Kirgisistan, Georgia, Aserbaidschan, ... are excluded from this official memory.
Valerie Konstantos
The queen looked beautiful in pink, love how she’s always carried a purse, wonder what’s in it?? Lol 💗💗💗💗
Where is NZ Prime Minister, Jacinta Ardern?
Assassin_squid Gaming
its remembering d-day and all the soldiers that gave there lives on that day Germany is there because they lost men too who where fighting for their country no mater weather they supported the Nazis or not .
davood rahmanzadeh
Pay attentions to all handshakes from 0:44
First , senator place his thumbs on top queen's middle finger before bones
diego arismendi
cada vez que veo ese vejestorio siento corrientazos
diego arismendi
gelmar por qué se llama Isabel esa reina?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔por qué los😊😁de la plataforma virtual la llamaron Isabel
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Trump reads prayer from Queen greets Donald Trump 1 day ago   02:19

President Trump marked the D-Day anniversary by reading an excerpt from a prayer President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered to the nation by radio on the evening of June 6, 1944, in which he spoke to the country for the first time about the Normandy operation.