Positive Thinking: Learn how to change Getting stuck in the negatives (and 6 months ago   05:30

If you're not happy, not fulfilled, feel empty and lack motivation, make a change. Turn things around and live a happy, successful, fulfilling life. Hypnotist, celebrity life-coach and author of How to Change Your Life Benjamin Bonetti is an expert in addressing limiting beliefs, unlocking purpose and driving success. In this series of videos he shows us how to decide what we want from life, shift our mind-set, focus on succeeding and be happy! With Benjamin's help we can leap over hurdles, bash through barriers and drive forward towards successful and fulfilment. In this episode Benjamin gives some practical steps to change your mind-set, let go of negativity and start to look on the brighter side of life!

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Sanjay Shinde
Very nice. Thanks Benjamin.
Corleon Corleone
thank you benjamin bonetti for sharing such positive ways of developing and changing ourselves to a better person
Toni Češarek
Love it. Thanx Benjamin 
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Getting stuck in the negatives (and Positive Thinking: Learn how to change 6 months ago   10:00

Alison Ledgerwood joined the Department of Psychology at UC Davis in 2008 after completing her PhD in social psychology at New York University. She is interested in understanding how people think, and how they can think better. Her research, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, investigates how certain ways of thinking about an issue tend to stick in people's heads. Her classes on social psychology focus on understanding the way people think and behave in social situations, and how to harness that knowledge to potentially improve the social world in which we all live.

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