Jalen Rose: I don’t think [BREAKING NEWS] Kobe Bryant: 2 weeks ago   05:32

Jalen Rose finds validity in the rumors that Carmelo Anthony will not return to the NBA following his stint with the Houston Rockets.

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Comments 936 Comments

Alen Cato
I've been saying he's a tumor on a team for 10 years now. Finally the rest of the world opened their eyes
Robert Berry
Carmelo refused to adjust his game as he got older. He has never been interested in playing defense and he's a selfish player who only cares about his minutes and his shots. I don't see a scenario where another team (needs) him at this point.
Paul Page
Carmelo's value to the NBA is stinky poo poo caca shit
Deshawn Morris
I don't know about Carmelo but Jalen edge up got 30 more years...
Donnie Pate
Carmelo and kobe same type of players ballhogs.both where waaaaaay overrated.
That's weird, a player who can still score 10ppg is no longer NBA level talent.
Green Reaper
Next stop, The Big 3.
Melo won't play again, his ego is too big and he won't comply with coming off the bench. His offensive game has dropped, he screws up the flow of the game by holding the ball too long, and his defense has always been bad.
Either hang it up or grab an international deal, to work the foreigners in China.
Melo aged so suddenly because he never really fine tuned his body like the greats...same thing happened to Charles Barkley in Houston at the end of his career
Melo was good for 2 years. He does not block, steal, & rebound. His shooting is average.
@Jalen Rose Nuggets Nuggets Nuggets for Melo again..
@Jalen Rose you really should be talking about him going to the nuggets.. I guarantee that's the kinda hype the Nuggets and Denver need to blow through NBA teams
Juan Plus
His mind thinks he's #1 but his body says otherwise. He can still play in China.
Robert Brown Jr
He still a good stand still shooter
j p
Maybe not if the WNBA took away that prejudice rule of players having to be born female. Boom he went from being out of the league to league MVP.
* *
Jacoby sounds like VladTV or vice versa..
Dreaming On Melrose Street
Wonder if LeBron trying get him in LA
Andre Mitchell
Melo should have announced retirement just like D Wade and had a great year touring and being honoured by NBA fans all around. His ego has crushed his image as a baller and shined a light on his true legacy. A loser.
Melo is the worst player paid that much I have ever seen. He was the reason I stopped listening to Steve A's show anymore.
Get all these oldheads out the league
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[BREAKING NEWS] Kobe Bryant: Jalen Rose: I don’t think 2 weeks ago   09:28

[BREAKING NEWS] Kobe Bryant: "We'll be champions...we'll be laughing at GS fans" - Undisputed
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