Jalen Rose: I don’t think [BREAKING NEWS] Kobe Bryant: 2 months ago   05:32

Jalen Rose finds validity in the rumors that Carmelo Anthony will not return to the NBA following his stint with the Houston Rockets.

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Hesham Aldhahiry
Melo never cared as much about winning than his money. And i understand hes "looking after" his family and future..i get it and thats a valid point. But what happened if he took a pay cut and possibly won a ring. With his name and winning, you dont think hes gonna make even more money? Melo never meshed with other coaches and prioritized himself other than winning. Im not surprised about his near ending like this, it was inevitable.
John Mack
Anthony has always been a me first, selfish player . He fit in perfectly with the selfish, arrogant New York fans, but other than the Lakers, who would want him? Anthony is a franchise killer!
Here before Melo plays another game in the NBA
Fooku Fookmi
Truth NBA gms hates Melo. They want him to end a loser for all those years him thinking he was #1 pick demanding organizations to "choose him or the coach(es)"
katherine colgan
He is a toxic player.
Cheese Ball
boeheim loves him
Aron Hope
Looking at the pro's an con's, of the media disruption, on the same notion, that Carmelo in a not, a good fit for any team, is just wrong, considering the manager an coach, that have coached Carmelo Anthony, did not like him, for Melo Suposingly, has them kicked off the team. So for as a fan, looking from the outside in, they wrong considering, the players said, how good of a teamate, Carmelo Anthony, he is an how he can still ball out. He averaged 20 points, while playing in huston for only 10 gsmes an out the 10 games, a number of his games, he scored over 25, so doing the math, he can still help any team, that is a few pieces away, from where, they r at in the league.......
Madd Murf Deisel
It's one thing in being a ball HOG. It's another to be a hog that plays NO DEFENSE, OUT OF NBA SHAPE, REFUSE TO COME OFF THE BENCH, A TERRIBLE ROLE PLAYER.....smh

I believe Melo WILL play. But Melo WON'T BE THE MAN LIKE HE WANTS TO BE!!
Phillip Henderson
Jalen is 💯
Alexander Jacob
I think he'll be a starter next season... playing for ice cube in 3 on 3 summer jam.
Melo future hall of fame?!..
terrill allen
Melo would dominate the Big3
Salia Kellah
Man, Melo could still win league MVP and a championship. (in the BIG3)
Joel Marte
Melo should retire or go play Overseas
Central Ave
Yo this mofo j rose gets on my nerves he can't talk about anybody play kobi scored 81 on this sucka duck asss hobo
Paul N
ESPN claiming something isn’t true = it will be true. Can’t believe people still support ESPN.
Ben Dover
I think we couldve made the melo situation work, that was just D'antoni getting revenge
My grizzlies will take him
Daniel Lion
Melo's career can be described as waste of talent. Dude never committed to becoming a better a player, because he thought he was the best. Locker room poison, was never a leader
Brandon Gaither
He need to just go to China or somewhere and pull a Marberry
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[BREAKING NEWS] Kobe Bryant: Jalen Rose: I don’t think 2 months ago   09:28

[BREAKING NEWS] Kobe Bryant: "We'll be champions...we'll be laughing at GS fans" - Undisputed
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