Jalen Rose: I don’t think [BREAKING NEWS] Kobe Bryant: 6 months ago   05:32

Jalen Rose finds validity in the rumors that Carmelo Anthony will not return to the NBA following his stint with the Houston Rockets.

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Comments 936 Comments

Allan Iverson
Yall crazy
so glad to see Carmelo go! he's a horrible human being and an overrated ballplayer.
Melo was actually good in okc, Billy Donovan is trash. He can't even coach westbrook/George/ Adams now. Bet Houston wishes they had a guy who can put up 20 a game in the paint. After missing all those 3's they chucked and got booted... For the record not saying the could have beat the warriors this year but Melo could have made a difference. Diversity in style of plays wins rings... Just look at the warriors, Houston!
Remi LaRiviere
He'll be great in China!
Was watching the final game between GSW and Rockets, and it makes me think, how can Carmelo fit into any top teams nowadays when the defenders are switching like crazy and covering up each other's gap, while Melo won't run nor commit? Nah, he isn't good enough for the best teams today.
Cricket123 Wireless
Jimmy Norris
Selfish teammate
roger johnson
roger johnson
Melo is a chemistry killing ISO PLAYER. Phil Jackson was right when he said that the ball stops moving with Melo. It is a no brainer that he is not playing in the league.
He is extremely selfish and was also jealous of LINSANITY.
Prison Mike
Melo will always be the number one player who is the most overrated.
H L Spence
Melo is probably still on some team's payroll so he's not worried about not gettin' paid . . .
Hurley Cape town
Don't care what anyone says i will always love Melo,those days of him in Denver will always be great in my memories.
NoVa Poker Player
One of the biggest wasted talents in the history of the league.
mike vazquez
All the great ballers continually to evolve and "always" stay fit as they get older. Melo, i believe has failed to do that over the last 5 or 6 years. It definitely shows in his game.
Fuck Carmelo. He thinks he's all that shit! B.ball is a fucking team sports! If your gonna be a ball hog then fuck you!
he's done... he got nothing to offer... maybe in china...
MeloFan 4Life
Y’all stupid as fuck if u think he’s washed up any tanking team could use him but since he would make them win more they just don’t if there wasn’t any tanking he would have a job 100%
Chris Clements
Carmelo Anthony & Hall of Fame...What a joke...
Big Bear
Lebron DID get older, especially this past week you can tell his age but that’s unfair to Jalen, and lebron DID re-invent his game. It might be drawn out year to year, but he certainly changed the way he played. He just did it really well so you couldn’t tell he’s aging, but he’s a different player offensively than 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 7 years ago, and certainly since 2003. Defense has been a bit more of the same though. As in MORE easier match-ups, more plays off on defense, and even less athletic footwork and agility.
china dont want him either....haha
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[BREAKING NEWS] Kobe Bryant: Jalen Rose: I don’t think 6 months ago   09:28

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