Why are the US and Iran falling out now? - BBC News If Iran does something near 2 days ago   03:01

BBC News
What's behind the rising tensions between the US and Iran?

US President Donald Trump has always hated the Iran nuclear deal. Now Iran is threatening to stop complying with some of its obligations under the agreement.

How did we get here? And is the deal crumbling?

The BBC’s Paul Adams takes a look.

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Behrouz Ghavidel
There is going to be a blessing for Iranian people if America attack Iran.
Here's why:
1- If America removes the current regime, then Iranians will be victorious.
2- if Iran defeat the American army, then Iranians will still be victorious, since they finally get even with the great Satan America for all the meddling and authrocities that was inflicted upon the Iran.
3- if America and Iran both lose in the war and they kill each other to the last soldier, the the world will be victorious, since two evil governments will eliminated from the face of the earth.

By the way, the scenario 1 and 2 will be considered win situation.
Scenario 3 is considered win, win situation.
Tim Wilster
BBC is fake news
jamaludeen ibrahim
us has never won enything
Amir aba
saudi against yemen , is a example of being normal country
Trump's rescindment of all agreements let it be Trade,
Security/Military or Climate is really for him to demonstrate to the world how
good he is in MAKING DEALS, not the subject matter per se. His strategy is

1. He will RESCIND ALL
DEALS let it be NAFTA, INF, etc - Trade, Military, Security, Environment

(re)impose sanctions, increase tariff etc

3. SEND JARED back
channel deals

4. SIGN NEW DEALS usually
less superior than the earlier deals

from coast to coast and in international forum eg UN, NATO etc on how he has
history will record it as such even though the deal is far inferior to the
previous deals.

Why? What are his motives? Two-fold: (1) to get all the
gullible voters/fools to vote for him; and (2) to go down as the Greatest
Dealmaker in USA history..... This will be only in USA. The world, however,
will look at him as the best presidential clown in the history of the world,
better than Idi Amin of Uganda etc. And wishing more of the same or even better
from Donny Jr and Eric....

This Trade War is actually imploding the USA. Next phase is a
mass influx of refugees/migrants. Nostradamus is laughing away in his grave
saying ‘’I told you so’’.

Foreign Policy in short:

vs Europe;

vs Everyone

MAGA......  America
First (to go down..)




Russia should join China in
this Trade War... its fun. Don't miss the boat

Abdollah Moossavi
Do you think that there no homeless people in GREAT!! usa of trump?
Did you see who were complaining from economic problems? The ladies with heavy and expensive make ups!
Iran is being sanctioned by US for 40 yrs and it is not new. Trump has fortified it .Sure people are not happy with it but they are not happy also to accept the pressure of foreigners.
Emma Louise Sutton
Well what we do know that if people don’t get their way they’ll be yet more terrorism and yet more racism against anyone who doesn’t like certain beliefs. All try getting along without killing each other all the time please
Mike Bambur
Netanyahu and Kushner order it.By biggest evil on planet Earth Netanyahu and his drawings at United nations in last 20 years lran should be possessing 250 nuclear weapons by now.
For Peace
America is a cool girl for Israel and will shed the last of its American blood for Israel
For Peace
Libya is doing very very well until it’s been friended the Warmongering West
For Peace
I’ve only got to look at Muslim countries who have befriended America and its allies
Libya 🇱🇾 is a prime example
Do a Lincoln on Trump
jabba da hutt
Da archbishop is gonna sanctify me
jabba da hutt
Sev Vermeer
Because Obama and Hillary destroyed Libya
Reza Yawari
US and Israel do not want peace in the middle east, no deal is a good deal for them, they have lost credibility in eyes of the world. Iran should stand strong against warmongers.
Taymoor Rehman Khan
RUSSIA CHINA PAKISTAN IRAN = this is the reason they are coming..
Nancy Stengel
The reality is that so called nuclear deal was a joke. Just like in the past the world seems to jump on "turning a blind eye" to a global threat. Iran's threats of death to Jews, death to America, death to Sunni, death to infidels pretty well outline their goals. Now, it is simply a matter of time in which they will make good on this pledge. Their leaders are not bluffing. If America was such a horrible country than how come hundred of thousands of people are breaking the door down to get in ? Not so many trying to get into Iran , North Korea, China or Russia.
Athar Ali Naqvi
Destroyed Iraq, Syria remember that now u no who is the mischievous
Athar Ali Naqvi
USA is the terrorist pulling Iran for war..they just want control over oil backed by SAUD money and brain from Israel. Stop nd behave like a normal country USA
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If Iran does something near Why are the US and Iran falling out now? - BBC News 2 days ago   03:12

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