Border Crossing: A Mexican Story Us-Mexican Border: When Citizens 3 months ago   05:31

Kyle Holt
Jose, a Mexican bean farmer, has to make a life for himself in America. This was a short 5 minute film we had to do for film class. I apologize for any people who take offense to this, none of the views in the video are actually my views, we just made this as a comedic first attempt at a film. I do not own either of the two songs used in the video, the Wild West Showdown Theme and the Chase music, they belong to their respectful owners. I did however create the Sax and Bongo rhythm in Soundtrack.

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I'm sure that guy was indian lol
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Us-Mexican Border: When Citizens Border Crossing: A Mexican Story 3 months ago   04:59

The border between the USA and Mexico is the world's longest wich separates a rich country and an "emerging" country. This film gives a look on the intense immigration waves and on the many differents protagonists in their daily life along the border.