John Salley: Carmelo will THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!!! | Jacksepticeye's 2 months ago   12:05

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In this clip, John Salley talked about accurately predicting LeBron's move to the Los Angeles Lakers and how he sees the Lakers beating the Warriors. John Salley also mentioned that he believes Carmelo Anthony will be a member of the Lakers before the season is over. John Salley and Vlad also discussed the KD vs. LeBron comparison and whether the Showtime Lakers would've beaten the Warriors.

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G Man
I wonder what he thinks now
Benaiah Wright
Pro sports is such bullshit man
Lakers "new" Roster
L ebron
A nthony
K awhi/kyrie/klay
m E llo
R ondo
S tephson
Damien Fairman
John sally I respect what you said KD is set but he will never be LBJ
Alex Moen
I've never sat down and thought about who my top 5 would be, and thinking about it I'd probably surprise myself too. John Stockton at PG (I was leaning towards Curry at point, and hated Stockton back in the day, but Stockton is all-time assists and steals leader by a large margin), Jordan at SG, Larry Bird at SF, Bill Russell at PF, Wilt Chamberlain at C. That team would have solid speed and intense defense, great passing and dominant on boards, and I think Stockton, Jordan, and Bird could all be intense 3 point shooters if they had to play in the modern 3-ball era.
jorge beltran
Dennis got suite
Makale Williams
I hope melo do join the lakers I mean shit at least he will have a chance to go to the finals or win a ring with king james
VictoriaL L
Carmelo sucks no hustle no defense I don’t want him on my team
Black Pain
This interview was like a cold Heineken after a long day of work: "Refreshing !"
619 4 life
Just get a 3pt shooter, like Terrence ross.
daniel salud
God I hope not. Carmelo should just retire.
Bubba Beans
Magic Lakers 💯all facts no🧢
Michael Mobley
I fux with Sally salute OG💪🏽 💯
Ameer Lawton
John Sally, a good Dude
Erick the Laker/Raiders fan
FUCK melo we don't him
Moe Money
Faheem Mohamed
Stop 🛑 with this lebron bull shit he’s not the best player in the NBA, and the spider knows this cause he’s from Brooklyn just like me n Mj are , also he ain’t no 🐐!
R. Russell
I wonder if he's alluding to an idea that China will either invest or own the NBA in the future???
Because John only said their catering to "China" before mentioning the word "world-wide"..
John Salley I wish you could have been a Celtic as well man!!!!
To me, outside of that KD & Draymond Green bs, the warriors are the only team that know how to play as a the too many chiefs, but not enough indians thing doesnt apply to them...they let one another shine & do their thing..look at that game when Steph Curry keep giving the ball to clay so he could keep making 3s...& then they the only team that knows how to hold it together mentally when they start losing...the best game in a long as time was when they played OKC a few years back in the playoffs..
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THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!!! | Jacksepticeye's John Salley: Carmelo will 2 months ago   15:15

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