John Salley: Carmelo will THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!!! | Jacksepticeye's 2 weeks ago   12:05

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In this clip, John Salley talked about accurately predicting LeBron's move to the Los Angeles Lakers and how he sees the Lakers beating the Warriors. John Salley also mentioned that he believes Carmelo Anthony will be a member of the Lakers before the season is over. John Salley and Vlad also discussed the KD vs. LeBron comparison and whether the Showtime Lakers would've beaten the Warriors.

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Real Joe
Thought this was jb smoove lol
flow flow
Labron played football he would look good being Mr Universe to
flow flow
I say the same thing about Labron he could be Mr basketball fine specimen
John SALTFISH KD took it to Shevon JAMES 2 years in a row and beat him.
Ph.40 Lowks
Won with 3 different teams
Just left Sally beauty supply store
Big H
Hey Durant, so you say that being around Lebron would be toxic. Aren't you kinda going thru the same thing being a member of the Golden State Warriors and playing with probably the most popular player in the league in Steph Curry. Cut the bullshit! It sounds more like jealousy to me.
S alley is so on point in this interview
Warriors are Imploding blah blah
Luckytron asmr LuckyFri
John as smooth as he is off the court was a badass enforcer roleplayer hustleplayer on the court.
Da Wolf
Everything he said about the Showtime Lakers, and the state of basketball THEN is sooooo fucking true. And I was NEVER a Lakers fan. NBA is, eh now.
Clark Pedican
Bro, something is definitely wrong, they did not touch Melo as yet. I agree too, that Melo, would be a good fit with Lakers and yeah; he and LeBron, can still have some fun, Running with those Young Cats, while schooling them. Bro, John Salley, you are on Point.
Stick to not-sports!
Gail Marie
All is good with the Warriors John. Don't worry about them.
lou Perez
He hardly said anything about the warriors imploding
Chuck Carter
They still “ imploding “? 😂 😆 🤣
Kennedy Zeleke
Salley is a basketball genious and under rated too.
Daniel Crane
STFU...Warriors are NOT imploding, just destroyed the Nuggets last night by 31 points.
George D
Warriors imploded after defeating Nuggets 142-111. Yup.
John Salley is a DORK.
KD is past lebron
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THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!!! | Jacksepticeye's John Salley: Carmelo will 2 weeks ago   15:15

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