Tony Robbins: How to deal with Tony Robbins - How To Overcome Anxiety, 4 months ago   12:39

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Evan Carmichael
Check out my NEWEST video:
Rob Billeaud
Look man, I get it, but my situation is beyond Tony Robbins' help. My stress isn't everyday stress. My life seems to go from disaster to disaster. I'm always fighting some fire in my life. Don't have time to better my life. No time or money for gym, and can't live in a beautiful state because everything around me is on fire.
Jacob Duane Johnson
What are some definitions of "massive success"? I hear this phrase being thrown around allot. Thanks!
Some people will never understand what you go through. Not even this this life coach. Some people need more than a life coach because they’re living in misery.
Amith Binesh
"The secret of living is giving"
Robert Mrbena Mrbena
It's true Robins spitting some gems here, you train yourself to be e,g,
depressed, positive, motivated, negative, pessimistic, optimistic, it's all in your mind and control unless you have medical issues, PTSD
or other serious neurological syndromes you should be able to to rise above them and deal with them face to face not play victim, we ALL deal with some form of stress.
In my personal experience I played in the mental I'm a victim card, think we all do at some point, the "why me!?" but it's being a victor and not victim that will help you move in the right direction and next level.
Treva Graham
I've noticed that in the last 42 years that I'm just ready to die. I'm tired of fighting the everyday struggle. I just want to go back to the time before I existed.
RealTalk TruStories
Just put a deep , raw and uncut interview about this on our channel 🙏🏽
Melissa Cleveland
Dr. Ruben
Appreciating hearing Tony on this topic. Thanks for the powerful points on this video. Makes a difference to focus on tolerance, habits and the power of practice.
kirsten /
i don't think any of that will help me, i try to stop myself from getting angry, frustrated,irritated.. but then i just can't. and i want to be happy and excited in certain situations but i cant. some people cant understand that.

im beyond repair
Mohamed Chamakh
What I like abt Tony Robbins' speech is that he emphasized on believing on yourself as the first step towards making your actions real .and it's true when you believe first in yourself then What comes next is easy . This is so nice of Tony Robbins, so much excited abt his thought really helped me rescue my mind from bad thinking
If I feel depressed or have an anxiety attack, I wander off in the woods or nature, while listening to my favorite music on my device. I always feel better.
Bald Guy
Why folks not try this for 30 days, stay focused and challenge yourself. Compete against your former self and re-gain control.
amira hassan
Now days I feel stressed and dipression because im tired work all the week and in weekend I do slot stuff give ride to my kids or shopping or doctor appointment always busy I'm done😓
James Yeung
Train both mind and body! Make these daily rituals!!
Gabriele Bonetti
The attitude is great, but most messages are unscientific simplifications. Depression is not a habit. The rich don't get reacher because of some mental momentum but because having more lets you invest more without risking your ass. Also, I would say that keep raising standards is one of the most probable sources of unhappiness. Putting the effort but being content with what you have is probably much better advice for most people.
Harshvir Singh
This is what yoga all about Aligning your mind and body.
Erika H
Phi nominal video!
ly kimgech
Thx q
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Tony Robbins - How To Overcome Anxiety, Tony Robbins: How to deal with 4 months ago   2:05:08

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